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For Sale: FS: Shure SE530 IEM!

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For Sale:
FS: Shure SE530 IEM!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hey people!

I have acquired a Shure SE530 IEM, sounds great, it's my first IEM, so I would like to try something else.

I've thought mainly of Heir audio universal IEMs, but I will think about every offer!


Hit me with your offers even when you want to buy it!


Traders/buyers welcome worldwide, mainly from EU.


Comes with lots of unused tips:

Lots of small and medium foam (3 pairs at least)

All the original tips, most of them unused/carefully cleaned

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but the price is...?

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Oh sorry! Updating post ASAP

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Trade open for portable/full size headphones or universal IEM's. I'm open to offers as well!

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klipsch image x10 + beyer dt440 + $ difference?

I have other stuff like fiio e11, senns etc if you want to trade.

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SE215 bule + IE7 how about this offer

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Would like to trade for one IEM that is equal in terms of quality to SE530, but has a very different sound signature.

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Would you be interested in some grado 325i? They're in great condition, and come with a variety of ear pads (large grados, regular ones, and some flat sennheisers).
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Still available!

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i have a pair of black sennheiser hd25-1 ii's that i would possibly be willing to trade.  they are still in like new condition, no dings or anything.  i still have the little carrying bag, the quarter inch adapter and the extra set of velour earpads (which i recommend using).

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I'm almost certain I'd like to buy these. I just bought a good Westone pair that get weak bass. I use them to ride my bike in the bedroom for workouts. Do these get excellent bass?


If they do I'll take them. Will you accept $185?





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Are these still available?
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Again up for grabs!

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