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Synergy Thread: Share your 'wow' moment with your Portable Head-Fi gears here

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Capture your orgasmic moment that happens when you are listening and you are mightily impressed with the synergy. If possible with every details you can extract including current rig, settings you have changed, current song, bit rate, photos if you can take.


After stepping into Head Fi I realized how some combinations were stunning to the ears, as it is not the work of one thing like expensive earphones, dac or dap, sometimes inexpensive gears gel with expensive stuff or vice versa or in any combination and permutations. If community of people can share their acoustic 'wow' moments each and every time if possible..then it would make interesting read and tryout for people having the same gears...

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More than 10 hrs past nobody wanted to chip in? That's unacceptable and I guess all the head-fi'ers are busy buying/testing/selling their gears. wink_face.gif


Interesting thread title and here is my story ....


My first wow wasn't from the EX600 (later upgraded to the EX1000 by luck for free) or the IE80 the first two pairs of quality iem's I bought. Before that I used a pair of Bose headphone long time before I knew this site and the only earphones I used were those free ones which came with the ipod 5g and my Blackberry. I did remember the Bose sounded pretty good with my ipod 5g back in those days.


My first wow came the moment when I plugged my IE80 into my Rockboxed old 5g loaded with all FLAC's. Before that I was using iphone 4s with 320kps MP3's. That sound from the rockboxed 5g with the flac's was just more musical with bigger sound stage, better 3d imaging and more details. I instantly fell in love with the rockbox and flac's and can never part with them.


My second wow came recently from listening to my ipod 5.5g modded with the Kemet film caps (paired with EX1000 and UHA-6S.mk2). I wasn't impressed initially with the caps but after the burn-in effects kicked in and the initial roughness gone, the gear sounds amazing to my ears to this moment. The sound has the best clarity, separations, cleanness, extended lows, sound stage, 3d imaging, refined treble. When it comes to sound, my top preferences are sound stage, treble and clarity. I personally can't stand any muddy or veiled sound regardless how good the bass is.


Now I am a firm believer of these caps and I may even try some high-end BIG ones which will not be fit inside the ipod 5.5g's.


P.S. I only use iem's no headphones.

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DMinor thanks for the write up, do post whenever you have the wow moment, this thread should more like wow log where people post whenever they like particular combinations...
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Some of my favourite combos (that i've owned):

Colorfly CK4+mod(AD8397+caps) with Westone UM3x

Ihifi 812 v2/Ihifi 960 and Sennheiser IE8

Teclast T51(good caps inside) + Westone 3

Any iPod with -+100$warm amp + Etymotic ER4P/S

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^ thanks Berkovajazz


some of my impression today:

Accudio is the best iPhone Music Player

I have Radsone, SRS, BBE Pro, Equ…but Accudio wins!

Radsone is decent, SRS is crap, BBE & Equ are good…Accudio is pretty amazing and with FLAC and sound is crisp, and the adjustments are amazing…

Listening to FLAC - AR Rahman songs, the songs are amazing from iPhone 4 + Accudio + PFE232

Sound Settings

Ref. Phonak PFE232


Sub Bass: 2, Bass: 2, Voice: 2, Sibilance: -6, Treble: 0

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