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Best/cheapest way to reshell a TF10 in Vancouver, Canada

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Hi all,


I'm a musician who play on stage regularly.

I love my TF10 in-ears (moved from Super.Fi 5 Pro in the early days to these). Been using these for years.

The cable is wearing out though and I figured this is the time to upgrade.


However, the UE900 - the next logical upgrade is not for me. 1. I'd rather splurge and get customs if I was going to spend that much money... 2. The triple.fi's sound is good enough for me (I always snicker when I see comments that say musicians NEED 'special' extremely flat IEMs...In truth, in ear monitoring is never perfect, often dirty and noisy, and sometimes even mixed in mono - that 1db hump in the midrange is not going to matter for real onstage use..). The TF10 is perfect: extends well, bumps the mid-low perfectly to let me 'feel' the bass drum and keep me in time, and the treble is incredible to hear hi-hats and the electric.


What I want is a good fit! I'm sick of the triple fi's fit and the way they look on me when I'm on screen, lol. I look like a frankenstein.


So: my compromise is to get the Triple.Fi reshelled.

What's the best way to do it for me, who lives in Vancouver, Canada. How much money am I looking at if I want to do this??

Also, will it change the sound signature at all?


Thanks all for your help in advance!



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Hey Tek,


First step to getting customs is to have impressions done. I recommend agaisnt doing it yourself cos refits = more time wasted. Check out SoundID Ears in Oakridge Mall, (I've done tons of research, they are the cheapest by far) they will do your impressions for you for $15/ear = $30.


Shipping will probably cost you $15-20 considering you are sending to the US and that you opt to send with tracking (you should).


As for the actual reshells, i opted to go with In Ear Custom (www.inearcustom.com). They have the most competitive price, but its been close to 1.5 months since they recieved my Triple Fi 10s/ear impressions. They started working on it last week, should hopefully finish this week and have it out in the mail soon. Their a relatively new company and have been swamped with orders. Check out the In Ear Custom thread, i post there quite a bit.


Another option is InEarz. I emailed them and got no response so that was a no go for me (In ear custom is pretty responsive to emails for a new and busy company). Other option i looked at was Unique Melody but they answered one email and stopped. They are very good i hear, but since they are far away you will def pay more in shipping fees.


Hope this helps. One more thing, if you dont want to go for reshells, try reversing the cables on your Triple Fi 10, you will get a way better fit (Right cable going into Left monitor and wearing it on right ear). It will fit more flush and wont look as stupid

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thanks for that! I will definitely look at sound ID at oakridge!


Not quite sure I wanted to go through inearcustom - looked through the thread - full of disappointed people!

I think I will go through the unique melody route it's not that much more expensive! Funny how there are no reshell vendors here...



Thank you!

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You're welcome, let me know if you have any further questions! By the way, the lady i dealt with at SoundiD is Carole.


Damn, wish this was posted earlier, we probably could have saved a bit on shipping if we sent them out together haha. What is the cost of reshells from UM?


Yeah, i know what you mean with inear custom, I was hoping to have my TF10s back by May12 as a birthday present to myself, but i dont think i will be seeing them back until mid June or even later.. :(.

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Have you received the phones back from inearcustom? I am thinking about doing a set of Shure e3c through them and wondered about the results... Any thought would be great!



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OP if you can let me know how the reshell went and your recommendations that would be great! :)

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OP I am also from Vancouver and looking to get my TF10's done as well.


How was your experience with the place at Oakright and sending to UM? Any recommendations/tips?

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