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For Sale or Trade: Audio GD SA-31 Headphone Amp/Preamp

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For Sale or Trade:
Audio GD SA-31 Headphone Amp/Preamp

Will Ship To: US, Canada

Selling a mint condition SA-31 amp with remote. This is a beast of an amplifier that weighs 11 pounds and outputs 8 watts into 50 ohms, twice the output power of the Schiit Lyr. Despite the high power output, it is usable with sensitive headphones due to a 160 step volume control. Warmth can be adjusted to one of three levels using jumpers on the mainboard.


For those of us with multiple sources and amps, the SA-31 has 5 pairs of RCA inputs and 3 RCA line or preamp outs.


This originally cost $610 shipped to the US, but I'm selling it for $400 shipped. This was purchased in November 2012, so Kingwa will cover shipping and repairs in case of failure for another 5 months and repairs indefinitely afterwards. 


I'll sell this as a combo with my SA-1 dac for $900. Pics to come.

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