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For Sale:
Original Shure SE530 and/or Westone 3 IEMs for Sale

Will Ship To: US

Seeing if there's any interest in either a set of original Shure SE530 IEMs or a set of Westone 3 IEMs. Both in what I would describe as good to great condition. Close to mint aside from a little cable forming. Neither ever overloaded or played at high volume. Both work as new. Want $275 for either set. I'm currently listening to FLAC via PoweAmp and Galaxy Note 2 into the USB of a Ray Samuels Audio Predator and Westone 4, and loving it. But couldn't keep myself from pre-ordering the new Shure SE846 just to hear what they're like. So something needs to go.


I'll only take payment via Paypal from verified buyers, and only ship in the US. Your $275 for either gets them shipped, with Paypal fees paid.


I might entertain very slightly lower offers... but I doubt it.


If you're interested, PM and I can send some pics to you of THE actual IEMs you'd be getting.



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