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Few questions for you guys regarding amps/he500

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Hey guys, just a few questions i would like to ask!!


1, Is the aune t1 powerful enough to drive the he500s?


2, Is it safe to have the tube on all day?


3, I sometimes watch movies at night at lower volumes as oppose to music, Is it best to still have the headphones amped even if listening at low volumes? 

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I havent heard the Aune but looking at the spec is gives 1 watt at 32 ohm. This is pretty good for a lower end amp. Also with it being a tube amp you should get plenty of voltage swing that the orthos require as well as lots of current. I'd say on paper that it will be fine. The HE500's play well with most amps because they are well balanced and quite sensitive for a planardynamic. So its more a case of fine tuning to your taste. 


Not sure if there will be many head-fiers that have owned this combo, so you may have to be the first. And then document it for the rest of us :)

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I will of course but its looking like i wont have my he500s until another 3 weeks :( 


Anyone else any input regarding my questions?

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I'm actually using exactly this combo at the moment and I'm really happy with it. Unfortunately I don't have any other headphone amps to compare the Aune T1 to (yet), but it does sound better than the headphone out of my Sony AVR with a bigger soundstage and a bit more punch.


Regarding your questions:

1) Yes, and much more so than comparable amps in this price range. I run mine in high gain, but that should not be taken to mean it's not powerful enough with 0 gain, it's just my subjective preference.


2) Yes, but you will be wasting electricity and slightly reducing tube life (which doesn't matter that much since tubes are rated to last 10000+ hours and they can easily be replaced).


3) Yes. Since the HE-500 are very efficient, they will get plenty loud out of any headphone jack. So it's not just about volume, here a headphone amp is primarily about improving the quality of the sound and getting everything out of your headphones.  To an extent it is also about altering aspects of the sound to your liking by switching the tube with a different model ("tube rolling").


Don't forget that the HE-500 is fully open and is almost as loud on the outside as it is on the inside (someone on the HE-500 thread joked about using them as speakers). As such in a nighttime situation you might disturb others even on low volume.

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Do they use much electricity?
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