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User comparisons of Beyer T1 vs Beyer T90

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I have just moved across to a pair of T90s and am liking what I am hearing: Detail, crisp treble and bass presence that doesn't dominate. 


Given the positive impression, I am considering investing in a pair of T1s.  I would like to hear the similarities and differences between the two sets of cans from those who own both or have had extensive time with both.  When responding, please indicate the other elements in your chain, particularly your amp. 

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I would also be interested to hear your comparisons with other cans I have owned:


Beyer DT250 (80 Ohm)

LCD 2, original and revision


Audio Technica W3000ANV

AKG K702

Audio Technica AD900




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I've had both for a few months now. 

All I can tell you is that they are similar in detail and soundstage (T1 begin better in both regards)

The bass is different though, T90 being a little more present, T1 being tighter. I detect more sibilance with T1, it seems a little brighter..

I use a WA7 tube amp to drive them as well as a portable fostex hp-p1 or meier quickstep. The t90 is suprisingly easy to drive.. and the T1 is as well considering its 600 ohm resistance. If you want to break it down to a cost-benefit analysis, you need to realize that at the top-end flagship model price-point the extra cost-per rate of return is diminished. by that, I mean for an extra 5-600 loonies (pardon my canadiia) you are not going to get more than a 10-20% increase in audiotory improvement (or enjoyment). Then again if you're spending a months rent amount on a pair of headphones, you can already justify going big or staying at home every friday and saturday night with your beloved T1s (which you may very well do saving you a lot of dough and your liver). 


Hope this helps. 

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I to would like to know.



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