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DT770 To DT880

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So my headphones had an unfortunate accident and now of the drivers doesn't work a hundred percent and I think the other driver was compromised as well. Fortunately they aren't new headphones and I had been thinking of taking them apparat and modifying them and now is the perfect time. I know I could order some new drivers and solder them and have some working headphones but I was thinking of ordering some 880 drivers and putting them inside my Dt770 cans would that work ?
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Pretty sure that wouldn't be an issue, I took a pair of DT770s and dropped DT990 drivers in them. The DT770/880/990 drivers all look very similar in construction.   

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Thanks man. Just figured I'd consult all the guys here in the forums and see what you thought.
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But it might sound really bad because the 880 is open and the 770 is closed

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I ordered 250 ohm 880 drivers for a project and ended up installing them in my 770 pro (80ohm) frame. They work wonderfully in a closed environment. To be honest there may be no difference in drivers. This assumes you are replacing them with similar models with matching impedance.

Remarkably similar to my 880 but with slightly increased sub-bass and more isolation.

You can't go wrong. Though if you want to be 100% certain of success you should order the exact driver they shipped with.
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