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Just got my 120 in today... was a bit thrown off by the size of the package .lol. Can be a bit OCD on things like this so I'm not opening it until:


1. Vinyl is recorded to 24/192

2. Portable amp is in, looking for something I can use with larger h.phones in balanced.

3. New headphones are in, moving toward the B&W P7's but the M-100's and even Alpha Dogs are still on the list as these are headphones I intend to buy regardless right now I'm just looking for something new and worthwhile to rock this baby with.


Oh yeah, might have to make some balanced cables wondering whether I can use the V-Modas double ear plug to run them with.


With all of the above sorted, then and only then can I open the box and use the device.


Such is how it is.

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I have both the M-100 and P7 and do plan on getting the AD, and the P7 is a good match for the AK120.  Also if you want to go balance with the M-100, Moon-Audio can do it but it has to be hardwired.

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Really... would kind of take from the portable factor if the cables were wired in, wanted to balance the P7 as well will have to look into it.


Thanks for the heads up.

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Why not just get the XLR version of the Alpha Dog and be done?

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.lol. I know, would make sense... need the P7 for its potable form factor but to play with the AK120 the Alpha's would be the best bet... the P7's can wait.

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**Hours later**


Ok...advice taken, had thought of it before but Dr Sheeps genius has validified mine .lol. Go large or go home... Alpha Dog headphones it is. Now looking for an amp, was going to go for the Ibasso PB2 but am reconsidering the Rx MIII and the RSA line for their build quality.... would need a DAC also but that's likely to be the Ibasso again as none of them can output 24/192 other than the Hifi M8 and it'd be too expensive to use as a DAC on its own.


Ibasso PB2 - Great value, annoying balanced out port obviously make side change on cables, can swap out the chips! Build quality questionable, reviews say it doesn't sound as good as the other, battery life said to be great (no doubt depending on various factors)

ALO Rx MIII + - Expensive, good build quality, noise when used with IEM's or was that the previous model? Powerful like the Ibasso.

RSA 71b - Expensive, Good build quality, reviews say its a good match for the AK120, not as good sounding as the ALO, not as powerful as the above.

Centrance Hifi M8 - Expensive, good value considering what you get, is a DAC, no analogue in! Bit large, have heard doubts about its powering certain headphones on headphonia, Does 24/192 as a DAC digitally.


In that order so far, still thinking the Ibasso is going to win me over but today the ALO has been winking at me and showing off its curves, sorry, its robust build quality and sonic efficiency :confused_face: 

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M8 LX 4XL with Sys concept toslink interconnect.  I have the M8 LX ordered for my AK120, and still waiting on the AD XLR...  At the mean time, my AK120 is with my VC SDT plus P7 or M-100.

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What DAC chipset is featured in the Hifi M8?


Would you not have been better of with the AK100 if you're not using the twin DAC's featured in the AK120?

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As far as I know it should be the AKM 4396.  I agree that it seems to be a waste of the dual 8740 and the AK100 will be enough for this.  However, you will still need the AK120 for DSD.

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Is the DSD function worth the extra $600...? Is a conversion, its not real playback.


Does the one AKM outdo the twin Wolfsons converters...?


Don't think the Centrance uses twin converters for its balanced output, can't find the info, in the 120 each channel is handled by its own so as a DAC I'd vouch for it being superior to the Centrance. Am no audio pro but with logic and reasoning its a conclusion. The centrance is of course an amp and would output a stronger signal serving its purpose but its conversion is a step down from the double channel handling of the source player.


Am not sure I could do that...


The Centrance is major on value for money but I might still veer toward a standalone amp rather than a DAC as it lacks a dedicated analogue line in which is a very, very basic offering for an amp... unless I'm wrong and the DAC in the centrance is better than or at least as good as the dual channel AK120 offering. :( 


Really like the product and want to vouch for it in the same way I wanted to vouch for the HifiMan 901 which is a great player but lacking an EQ function, again a basic offering for such a high end device considering its intended use by people into audio/recording etc.... makes it a consumer device rather than a productive one IMO.

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No on both counts.  However, the M8 LX is a great amp and only a handful that will do the HD800 justice.  I would go with ALO if you want amp only.

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... this is lame, can't beat the centrance for value... would be a jack of all trades if it had an analogue line in.... if I had got the AK100 I would 100% go for it.

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True.  On the other hand the VC SDT is a good alternative if you don't need that much power or for high impedance cans.  Most of the VC stuff can interchange OpAmp, and it is a great way to change the sound with out buying a whole new amp.

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Haven't heard of the VC SDT... looking for it only brings up the sony and v-moda amps.... does it have a balanced output?


Am writing to Centrance to ask why they didn't add a line in to the C-M8... wouldn't even be much of a complicated mod.

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VC SDT  = VentureCraft SounDroid Typhoon, but no, it doesn't have a balance output.

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