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The WS series seems so weird... I have a WS99, but I'm really curious about how the 55 and new x versions stack up to each other. It doesn't make sense to me!

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I ordered the WS55X and the ES700 from Japan a few days ago. I'm anxious to try them out...

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Originally Posted by RPGWiZaRD View Post


http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/AudioTechnicaATHWS55.pdf - not according to this measurement, bass peak is centered around 100Hz on the WS55 and looks to have roughly equal amount subbass presence as midbass. I've met several people who interpreted midbass as subbass "thumpiness" so I usually trust graphs more. :p


I felt the WS55X didn't have as much bass slam so much as thump. (I tend to consider sub-bass to be frequencies below 80-60hz or so - I set the crossover on my subwoofer to 50hz to integrate with my main speakers for instance).


In cases like these where the terminology is vague, graphs are indeed helpful. It's not so much trust as having a shared terminology and a shared intepretation, something which is never really going to happen.


For reference I consider something like the Sony 7550 or Vsonic GR07 to have linear bass (equal amounts of sub and mid-bass) or in the headphone world, the DT1350 sounded quite linear to me.

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Hi, can anyone compare this to CAL? As this and CAL have similar price in my country. Many thanks before :)

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Got my step son of these ridiculous beats and got him some proper headphones....the ws55 haha the world is a better place now quality over quantity is what i learn them haha......

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Soon will get WS33X. Payed $51. I also was considering Ws55X for $78 or S500(Audio technica not JVC) for $41.

Will compare them to ES700, CKS1000, CKN70 and CKX5.

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Originally Posted by jwong View Post

I ordered the WS55X and the ES700 from Japan a few days ago. I'm anxious to try them out...

Can you provide a comparison of the two? I wonder if someone can also compare the WS77/99 and WS55X? TIA

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Sorry for revising a dead thread from a year ago, but there wasn't much about the Solid Bass on here. I have the WS33X in black that I bought a month ago in Japan, and I love them. They do look a bit cheap and the build is clearly not going to be on par with with the M50, but for the ¥5200 I spent on mine, the sound can't be beat from the price IMHO.


So, here is a little back story just to set up how I ended up with my WS33X headphones. I had to go to Japan for a month for work. I tend to travel to Japan once or twice a year. Sadly, I forgot my ear-pods which I can easily toss in my camera bag and forget about them till I need them. Sadly, I forgot them this time (I did get home and used them for jogging only to find one of the pods was dead so I would have had to replace it anyway while in Japan). At the end of my trip, I decided I didn't want to go a full day without any music, so I stopped by K's to buy a replacement.


Mind you, I have been planning to buy a pair of headphones, good headphones for about two years. And having gone through all the research, looking at Bose, Beats, iFrogs and Skullcandy, I wasn't feeling any of those brands. I only had ¥5000 to spend. Looked at JVS and Panny's, as well as Sony. Then I found what I precised at the time as this no-name Audio-Technica's, which I assumed might be K's version of an in-house Best Buy brand. Dollar for dollar (or yen for yen if you may) the Audio-Technica's had the most features for the price, so I bought them, walked out the front door and ripped apart the package, and put them on.


So, as of today, I am well past the burn-in period and wore mine for nearly 36 hours straight from the time I bought them at 1000 JST, already checked out of a hotel lugging luggage around till my 1900 JST flight, plus the subsequent 24 hours of transit time to the US eastern seaboard, they burned in pretty good. I had the headphones most of the time non-stop, and felt they were pretty comfortable sitting on my ears all the time. However, they do want to slide forward or backwards a little bit if I move my head a little too quickly.


I do like the twin feeds, a wire per can, and the L-connection plug which connected nicely in to my iPhone 5 despite having a full-sized Ottobox Defender wrapped round it. It never ceases to annoy me how many cords won't fit because of my Ottorbox.


Bass is pretty good. I like how the bass would hit pretty hard, but well controlled; it wasn't unruly. Mids are pretty decent, but I didn't think the treble is all that great. However for the price, I did not expect a hell of a lot from them. I wouldn't call the WS33X to be a bass-head set of cans, but I suspect they are probably better than some of the other headphones I saw for sale at the same price point.


Overall, I have about 200 hours and some change on mine now, and think they will make for a good travel set of cans, but I'm not a huge fan of how the cans rotate 45 degrees as it does not feel like it saves a lot of space, and a carrying bag would have been nice. Compared to the larger cans I have on order, I suppose the WS33X somewhat more portable.


At the end of the day, the WS33X is a great set of cans for low-cost. While not as great or as famous as the WS55X, the AS33X is a good value. I think for the extra cost the WS55X may be a better set for die-hards, but for this n00b who needed a set simply because he forgot his ear-pods at home, the AS33X get the job done and as a result have me sold on A-T products.


Sorry for the long winded story, happens a lot when you're a journalist for a living.

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Just bought a pair of these for my brothers birthday, They sound great!, the Bass is deep and controlled, the Mids and highs are still there and arn't drowned out by bass, they are pretty much m50xs with more bass :P for 89 bucks you can't go wrong if you want a bit of bass, but they arn't cannons and don't rattle your head.

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the ws55 are very fun sounding, fast response

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i recently tried them and though they definitely sounded underwhelming to me as i had my PSB M4U1 connected to my iBasso DX50 that day, for a $100 range can they are good.
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the sound was clean and spacious to me during my short listen, and the bass was not the first thing to alert me in presence despite it being a 'solid bass' can. In fact the bass could do with a bit more sub bass presence and a bit more weight and definition but overall i is good.
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the mids were clean and vocals were refreshingly detailed and clear for a 'bass emphasizing' can. Treble i cant remember too well but i remember a lack of detail and a bit of presence was lacking as well compared to the rest of the sound. Very good for the price IMO.
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I have a set of the WS99's, my wife has the M50X's and I just purchased a set of the WS55x's for my father.

Since the phones were shipped from Japan, I tried them out to make sure they worked before I mailed them on to Dad. Without burn-in, my initial feelings were that they had less low end bass than the 99's and a slightly more narrow soundstage. I did find that I liked the sound of the 55x's more than I did the M50x's. I think the soundstage was about the same between the two, but the 55's seem to keep pace with music better and had a slight edge on clarity without introducing too bright a high.

I'd love to have broken the 55x's in and compared a second time, but if I had to make the purchase again, I think I would buy the $79 (Amazon) 55x's over the M50x's.
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