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Best Headphones for Hip Hop? Under $200.

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I'm new here and the best headphones I've had are $30 earbuds so I need help figuring out what I should buy. I was looking at beats pros at first but heard a lot of bad things, so I started looking elsewhere and found ATH M50s which seem very popular, but most people on these websites listen to rock and guitar things like that so obviously that would affect their answers. I need bass but not an overpowering amount, I want to hear all frequencies + can't I just use an equalizer if i want to change the sound to more bass?


Things to know: 

Budget - $200

Music - Hip-Hop (Not ****ty rap though I i'll be listening to older artists and some new school examples; Mos def, fugees, 2pac, underachievers, flatbush zombies, pro era, talib kweli.)

Audio source: iPod Touch 4th gen, and PC (I don't have a special soundcard but I can get one.)

Type Of files: I have around 5,000 songs since I started downloading them 2 months ago and they are all Mp3's at 360kbps.

Other: If there are any headphones slightly over $200 but are very good feel free to recommend them.


Oh and one other thing is I was thinking about buying a record player like the at-lp60 idk how much that helps audio (im 17 so I don't know much about records

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do you plan on listening mainly at home or want portable as well?

prefer open or closed?

if you like bass I personally would recommend something by V-Moda but I'm no audiophile.


I ordered some M50's, I want to see how they are, I will be doing the removable cable mod. 


P.S. thanks for being an educated consumer and not buying the other "hype" headphones. 

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Mostly at home, it doesn't matter to me whether or not they are open or closed, and I like bass at times but lots of times there is singing and guitars as well so I don't want the bass to overpower those parts.

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Custom One Pros, only headphone I would recommend for true hip hop heads. Peace
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For the price, the Custom One Pro is hard to beat, but the German Maestro GMP 8.300D is another good option. The later would be harder to detroy (next to impossible), but won't get as loud off of a portable. That said, it gets loud enough for me and won't damage your hearing. They also make an 8.35dwhich is for portables. It should sound pretty much the same and get way louder than you need.
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I also think the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros are the cans for you. They are outstanding for the price. 

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For that, I can easily recommend you the HD439. Bass that you wanted, warm mids that you need. Pretty good headphone for Hip Hop. I was about to recommend you the ATH-M50 for hip hop but it seems like you are looking at mids too.

Hope this help!
Billson biggrin.gif
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Real hip hop, as he has listed, don't mess around with all digitized beats, typically sampling 70's and 80's music along with strong simple drum patterns. Mids are the most important part.
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Yah, I am buying headphones for the oldschool in particular but that's not to say I won't listen to a song with some crazy new production like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaUyq18r_GI.

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I bought the Custom One Pros thanks people

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