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Originally Posted by warrenpchi View Post


I don't see why not.  :smile:  Let's see how many we have left over after the SoCal meet (as well as general requests).


Seeing as how there's a second Nashville meet in the works now, anybody know if said stickers are still out there in the wild, awaiting owners? :D

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Liquid Lightning headphone amplifiers... and the upcoming Liquid Spark!

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....necro bump....!      :wink_face:

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Resurrected after two years. That's a real deal necro.

Stickers are cool though.
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I've seen much worse necro bumps here.

Like, would you believe, over 12 years........   :blink:


Warren should have posted that in the TMAC thread.........   :L3000:

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I was really hoping the original ID cards went ahead, they looked rad.
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