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Phiaton Bridge MS 500 - Anyone heard them yet?

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These seem like an intriguing new closed headphone. They aren't available for purchase until June 2013, but I'm curious if anyone has had a chance to audition them? Phiaton has said they've brought them to various shows for people to test. And I know someone won the giveaway earlier this month. Phiaton have been responsive in responding to my email inquiries. Of course this is marketing, but here is how they were described to me:


"...our goal is always to produce authentic sound reproduction so that any genre of music can be heard the way the musician/artist intended it. Our new Bridge MS 500 which will be available next month, has a dual chamber structure with a multi-tune acoustic design. This ensures optimal airflow to provide the listener with crystal clear highs, mid’s, and lows. One of the comments we heard time and time again at shows we’ve attended showcasing our upcoming launch was the clarity and soundstage, even at high listening levels. They are also extremely noise isolating so you can focus on your music and not be disturbed by noises around you…"


Just curious to see if anyone has actually heard them yet!

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I'm the guy who won them and they're supposed to be shipping at the end of the June.  If you want I can do a review of them once i receive them?

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There's some feedback from me and another person who has them.  Enjoy!

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They are yummy!!!!! smile.gif

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Originally Posted by Beagle View Post

They are yummy!!!!! smile.gif

Did you ever get these Beagle?  I am wondering how they compare to KEF or Paradigm's portables.

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They have a full rich sound, but mine have a channel imbalance probably due to the horrible fit cause by odd shaped pads. I'm not going any further with these.

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A friends who owns them talk about their bass response, seems suited for mainstream songs and bassy stuff. For Male vocals and rock/guitar strings songs its not recommended. 

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Thanks for the replies.  There are so many good headphones at the moment it is good to scratch one off my list.

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