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New dude here

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New dude here. Just wanted to say hi.

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Why hello there :)

Welcome to head-fi ;)

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Is there anything I should do and shouldn't do here?

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There is no official rule book really, a light hearted nature helps here though

Only really comment on stuff you have listened to when others ask for help;- this helps no one otherwise.

Apart from a bunch of other stuff that just goes without saying.. Nothing really. just enjoy yourself,

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Kay thanks. I'm not really an audiophile. Just trying to learn more. And maybe seek help on the choice of headphones/earphones I'm getting.

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Alrighty then, if you ever need any help shoot me a PM and ill be happy to help out, otherwise you can start a thread :)





Originally Posted by MichaelLeong View Post. I'm not really an audiophile. 


There is a mantra around here, "Sorry about your wallet!"

I think one day curiosity may get the better of you and you will be led towards us as we chant "one of us.." (just joking ;) ) 

But i must warn you this audio game can be REALLY addictive... and expensive as most headphones will greatly benefit with other components such as amps/DAC's


I'm not really an audiophile in the usual sense either, but i do appreciate good sound.


Anyway i wish you luck on your journey through Head-fi.


Glad to have you aboard,



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Haha. Every hobby is expensive if you're into it. I joined a photography forum last time and spent quite some money on my gear.

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Old fogey here.


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Also new. Hello. Strictly amateur, curious, and I keep losing/breaking things.

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The official, unofficial greeting is:

Welcome to head-fi, sorry about your wallet!


My standard advice to head-fi newbies is:

1) Be careful of advice from people that have NOT actually heard the products they are recommending. The more experienced members typically don't do that.
2) Read the big review threads in the equipment forums before posting the "What headphones should I buy?" thread. You will get MUCH more help if you have read the threads first and can then ask more specific questions. It would be a VERY rare piece of head-fi equipment that had NOT already been talked about here many times before today. The conversation about a piece of gear usually starts before the product has even started shipping.
3) There are no "perfect" headphones. There is no ONE answer. In fact, the more you spend, the more it becomes a matter of personal preference which is considered the "best". That's one of the reasons people end-up with dozens of different headphones - they can all be good in different ways, and you just need to work out what *you* like for yourself. Recommendations will only take you so far.

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Tell me about it.  I just lost my Porta Pros.  Again.

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