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Computer Speakers for $700-800

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Hello Head-Fi,


The question I want to ask today is what kind of powered speakers are good for computer use in the $700-800 price range? I'm using a DacMagic Plus as a source until I can source something like an M-Dac. I don't mind either RCA or XLR connections but I have no knowledge of what XLR involves apart that it requires a different cable than what I'm used to. I prefer powered due to simplicity and not having to buy a integrated amplifier and such which would complicate matters. 


The room I have is a bit on the small side, rectangle in shape with the computer being in the middle of the back wall of the room. I can tell you that the width of the room is about under 3 meters and the room is over 2 meters above me with the length of the room at least 3 times as long as the width. Unsure of acoustic properties, if any.

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I'd suggest to check your local stores & have a listen to as many as you can find around your budget.. Brisbane Sound Group for example sells the Adam A3X & A5X, & the Event 20/20 Bas V3 which would all be on the top of my list. Though the A5X might be a tad over your budget, they are excellent & would keep you happy for many years. Same goes for the Event's, & as they are Australian those prices are really good compared to over here in Europe. Another set you could look at are the Emotiva Airmotiv's 5/6, but I believe they still only sell from their site in the US, so that could get costly..


As acoustics go; just look for a sound you really like in a near-field setup, the room can always be treated afterwards - if necessary..

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Emotiva Airmotivs would be worth considering: http://www.emotivapro.com/products/airmotiv-6-pair

Not sure if Emotiva ships international (I think so). But NHT does. If you like bass heavy music where you would like a sub, NHT SuperPowers and matching sub could work well: http://www.nhthifi.com/SuperPower-2-1-Desktop-System-TWO?sc=12&category=3781
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Sorry, I don't know what near-field and mid-field means in regards to speakers. Could someone tell me?


Those Emotiva seem to be what I'm looking for. Thanks! I'll have to find out where to get them.

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A nearfield speaker setup is when you are sitting close to them, a few feet away, such as in a computer desktop setup where you are sitting right near them at the computer.
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I love my X300A's.. I have them on my "game-rig" & they are quite special..



Also slightly over budget at around a 1000,- AUD ( http://www.valuebasket.com.au/en_AU/KEF-X300A-Digital-Hi-Fi-Speaker-System/mainproduct/view/12741-AA-NA?AF=SB ), but worth a listen for sure.

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Genelec 6010. Add the 5040 sub optionally.

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Does anyone know if the Emotiva Stealth 8 are priced as a pair or individually? I'm assuming individually.

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First choice
Kef x300a

Second choice
Aktimate mini+
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Originally Posted by Suopermanni View Post

Does anyone know if the Emotiva Stealth 8 are priced as a pair or individually? I'm assuming individually.

They list each beside the price on their website.
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rabor suggested earlier


the Adam A3X & A5X, & the Event 20/20 Bas V3


Which would also be my top recomendations. fwiw.

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 The stealth 8s are out of your price range. But the emotive airmotiv 6s are definitely in your price range. The sixes are an excellent value and they do sound very good but they are a bit too large for most desk top set ups.

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Adam a3x/a5x would be my recommendation. Using a3x now and have yet to find any faults for them. Impressive for size/price

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Having talked to Emotiva about the costs of shipping, I think it's advisable that I should really consider the Adam A3X or A5X. Since they are on special at a local distro in my city, I think they will be the best choice!


Thanks for the help, guys. It's been a long and twisting journey!


Just on a final note: Anything I should know about the Adam A3X/A5X speakers before I purchase them? Like how far away to put them from the back wall and such?

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