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Colorfly Pocket HiFi C4 Pro - $799.00 USD
Free Shipping in the U.S.



Colorfly Pocket HiFi C4 Pro


Colorfly Pocket HiFi C4 Pro




Colorfly Pocket HiFi C4 Pro




Colorfly Pocket HiFi C4 Pro with Moon Audio Black Dragon V1 IEM Headphone Cable and Custom IEM's






Colorfly Pocket HiFi C4 Pro - $799.00 USD
Free Shipping in the U.S.
*NEW* Designed with the best possible audio playback quality in mind, this Colorfly Pocket HiFi C4 is a new breed of device to 
replace your current portable music player with one that's sole purpose is music! It is so good in fact, that you may want to use it
to replace your CD player... The excellent 24bit/192kHz sound quality is largely due to the single HiFi DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter) that
has been used inside the Pocket HiFi C4. Wan team who designed the Colorfly Pocket HiFi C4 Pro decided to use the CIRRUS logic CS4398, a
high-end chipset usually only found in top-of the-range HiFi components. This DAC offers outstanding levels of performance with excellent
dynamic range up to 120dB and the ability to decode 24bit/192kHz audio. Headfonia Review of the Colorfly Pocket HiFi C4 Pro
The three world firsts of Pocket HIFI The first portable player that can play audio files of 24 bit/192 KHz.  The first portable player whose jitter is
less than 5 picoseconds. The first portable player that can support a 300 ohm earphone. Colourfly is a top-flight portable player or even an
extension of your hifi system. Look at all the ways you can use the C4!  Plug in your favorite headphones and use the Colorfly as a high-end
portable music source. Use it as an analogue music source and connect the analogue 6.5mm output directly to your hifi system. (Use an optional
adapter cable - stereo 6.5mm to RCA). As an SP/DIF digital source of music without mechanical vibration caused by moving parts and with a
battery power supply. Acting as a DAC (digital to analogue converter) using the SP/DIF digital input and analog output and up-sampling is also
possible. The Colorfly C4 can be used as a hifi sample rate converter,
using the coaxial digital input and then the coaxial digital output.  Jitter can be reduced! 
What's inside the Box:
The Color Fly C4 player
Instruction manual
Leather pouch
Warranty card
USB cable
Battery charger
Why does it sound so good?
The excellent 24 bit / 192kHz (maximum) sound quality is largely due to the single hifi DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter) that
has been used inside the Pocket Hifi C4. The team who designed the Colorfly Pocket hifi C4 Pro used the CIRRUS logic CS4398,
a high-end chipset usually only found in top-of the-range hifi components. This DAC offers outstanding levels of performance with
excellent dynamic range up to 120dB and the ability to decode up to 24bit / 192kHz (WAV) audio depending on the format.
There's nothing like the Colourfly C4 for Hifi Sound.  The first portable player can play the audio files up to 24 bit /192 kHz
The first portable player whose jitter less than 5 picoseconds. The first portable player can drive 300 Ohm or more headphone loads (many
customers are successfully using 600 Ohm headphones)  Plays WAV (up to and including 192 kHz / 24bit), FLAC (44.1kHz, 48kHz and 96kHz
16 Bit), OGG Vorbis, APE (44.1kHz and 48kHz 16 Bit) and MP3 (up to 320kbps) files EQ Function gives you influence on the character of the
music playback - customise to your preferences - Normal, Bass, Classical, Rock, Pop, Jazz  Comes with 32GB of Flash Memory built in
Ability to expand memory by adding a micro SD Card (up to 32GB - not supplied) to expand memory to 64GB total High quality componentry
including patented Jitter Kill Technology to improve the music quality  TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator) to ensure quality -
this is the heart of the system, a clock that will help control jitter  Capacitors - one of the most influential components on sound - the C4 features
'Silmic II' capacitors with silk inside from Elna
Fader style volume control - quick and easy to use!
Handmade walnut wood and brushed metal surfaces with a somewhat gothic or medieval imagery - certainly looks new and  different
Regius walnut: black walnut in North America
The outer casing material of the Pocket HIFI C4 player is made of the black walnut in North America. The black walnut had been
called regius walnut. The pleasant vignette is formed by the clear, smooth glossy and wavelike grains and the clear annual ring.
It provides each music fan a unique player.  
Precision: it is manufactured manually.
Wan¡'s team adopted to process the wood by the CNC numerically-controlled machine in the constant temperature and humidity
workshop. The design and the special curve on the wood were engraved manually.  A nostalgic stem for adjusting the volume
We used the flagship series ¡°pro-audio series¡± of the famous ALPS volume potentiometer in Japan. The dust cover and grounding
connection were ordered according to the specifications of the Pocket HIFI player. The rate of the volume error was lower than 5%
in average after 1,000 hours¡¯ text. The volume error rates of the HIFI player was15% lower than the ALPS official data.
Interior Structures on the Pocket Hifi C4 Pro Aim to broadcast the audio of HIFI level for a portable player the size of a cigarette pack, the
assembly such as circuit board, chip, even the capacitor must be selected carefully. The traditional player used the signal chip whose main
structure was made of MPU, DAC and earphone amplifier. This structure always processed the audio at the cost of great loss. This kind of voice
sounded stiff, rigid and apathetic. It could make your ears feel tired, if you heard it for a long time. The internal structure of the Pocket HIFI player
was much more complex than traditional MP3 player. In the Pocket HIFI player, the original audio must pass through 8 units from input to output
for the sake of getting the perfect voice. Please look at the reference chart as follows:


Jitter Kill
On the basic of top material and the complex unit designs, the structures which were made of by C4 clock generator, TCXO high-
precision crystal Oscillators and the CS8422 SRC chip of CIRRUS output the unbelievable rate of jitter which was lower than
5ps.On month day of year, the technique of circuit named Jitter Kill was registered as a patent for the other special technique of
the Pocket HIFI player.
The unit is covered by a 12 month warranty, for any issues please contact us directly. Please note only units purchase via
Soundlabs Group official channels are covered. Please note some issues can be caused by the file formats you are using or
corrupted files. Please check the supported formats above first!
Firmware Updates:
Your unit comes delivered with the latest firmware already installed at the factory. Of course new firmware may have been released
in the meantime and further updates may also be released from time to time. You can update the firmware here. Note there may
be extra zeros in the numbers, such as, this is the same as V1.0.1.9.
Updated in Version V1.0.1.9 (Current)
BWF metadata support (For more on BWF file format please see here.)
Updated in Version V1.0.1.8
Minor corrections to the menus
Reduced "white noise" when switching
Updated in Version V1.0.1.7
Prevents noise phenomenon between track and directory changes
Fixed: if file name is too long, leads to overflow error
Updated in Version V1.0.1.6
Improved accuracy of battery capacity status display
Corrects SPDIF output, switched left and right channels
Extends the compatibility for WAV file formats
Added functionality: shuffle play. To activate: Menu > Repeat Mode > Shuffle
Improvement of automatic optimisation (MIPS - computer processing cycles)
Change in track back arrow key operation: if the elapsed is more than 3 seconds then returns to the beginning; shorter than 3
seconds then jumps back one rack
Set the SRC manually
ADI AD823 chip
3.7 V battery, SNR up to 108 Db, THD lowers than 0.003%
The precision of 0805 resistance is up to 1% in the simulation
Black 3U PCB
3U Gilt RCA interface for SPDIF IN/OUT (top grade)
3U Gilt interface for 6.3mm earphone (top grade)
The rate of the Jitter is lower than 5ps
Playable Formats: WAV, FLAC, APE, OGG, MP3 (see above for more details)
SNR: 108dB
THD: 0.0022% (15kHz,-90dB); 0.04% (1kHz, -87dB); 0.014% (15kHz, -76dB)
Crosstalk: >75dB (32 Ohm load)
Internal Clock Jitter: 1.5ppm
Jitter at SP/DIF Output: 2ps
Memory: 32GB Flash (Total built-in - will be less due to formatting as with normal memory and hard-drives)
Memory Card Slot: Mini-SD up to 32GB
Analog Outputs: 3.5mm (up to 125 Ohm) and 6.5mm headphone sockets / jacks (up to 300 Ohm or more - many customers are
successfully using 600 Ohm headphones) , both active at the same time.
Analog Output Voltage: 2V maximum at 6.5mm socket (can deliver up to 13.3mW); 620mV maximum at 3.5mm socket
Digital In: Coaxial SP/DIF
Digital Out: Coaxial SP/DIF
ADI AD823 chip (Op-amp)
Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC chip (Analog Digital Converter)
Cirrus Logic CS8422 SRC chip (Sample Rate Converter)
TCXO high-precision crystal oscillator
ALPS Pro Audio Series slider level / volume control
Display: OLED 2.4" (6.1cm), 320 x 240 pixels
EQ Options: Normal, Bass, Classical, Rock, Pop and Jazz
Firmware updatable via Colorfly website.
Size: 124 x 72 x 20 mm (Approx)
Weight: 259g (Approx.)
Battery: Internal 3.7V - (approximate play time 6 to 8 hours depending on format and sampling rates)
Charging time: normal charge approximately 4 hours; maximum charge approximately: 24 hours
Battery Charger: Supplied, 240V AC, Australian Plug
Wooden Housing: Black Walnut
Thank You.
Drew Baird, P.E.
Moon Audio 
140 Iowa Lane
Suite 204
Cary, NC 27511 


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