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1st Post!! Need your guys expert advice

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Alright I'm hoping not to get yelled at here for being politically incorrect or anything. I know I'm posting under headphones, but I'm looking for a new headset to play games. Please suggest something awesome based on these requirements :)


1. Excellent 3D surround sound quality (obviously audio quality as well). Bass would be nice but isn't a deal breaker.

2. Feature packed (volume adjustment, mic up to mute, noise cancellation for drivers and mic, option for usb and 3.5mm, carrying case) if only 3 or so of these are met I'm happy don't need it all but I like bells and whistles.


4. Price range $100-$250 plus or minus $20

5. Hardest one to hit here but looking for something with an orange accent if possible.


Headphones I've considered:

*Disclaimer: I have not tried anything and have no idea what these are actually like.

Logitech G35

Sennheiser PC350SE

Possibly Sennheiser PC363D if you guys convince me :)


For perspective

Headphones I own:

Tritton Ax Pros (center right went out 3 weeks after I got them, freaking crap) I did like how clear the audio was/is, the bass was nothing in my opinion.

.....Beats *ducks for thrown projectiles* only bc I got them for free. Would NEVER purchase these.

And for the finale, what I use to game...... $30 Logitech ClearChats! LIVIN THE DREAM lol but I do use a Sony Digital 5.1 surround system in my room so I'm not a total audio idiot.




So if you guys have a suggestion out there that's a no brainer plz let me know bc I've been on the fence about so many headphones its disgusting.

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Here is a great place to get all the info you need on a gaming headset.



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