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BOOM Mac App - Anyone Try It?

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Hello Audiophiles!


I ran across this fairly new app called "Boom" in the mac app store. I tried to see if there were any threads started but couldn't find any –– if there already are I apologize in advanced.


Now, It's not my place to give this app raving reviews when it comes to the technical aspects of computer audio / software since I'm a noob, but my first impressions of this app are pretty impressive. Just messing with the preset settings, the sound quality is amazing with my Sony XB500's. It features and EQ for custom settings as well, and works with a slew of musical apps. (i.e. iTunes, Spotify, etc.....)


Any audio veterans care to give insight?



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I have it installed, but have only ever used it to boost my MBPR's built-in speakers for work use...as in showing a presentation or similar, works well for that.
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Well said,


Have you tried it with any of your headphones, IEM's or anything of the sort? Did you mess with the EQ settings as well?


As mentioned, my XB500's already has a bassy sound signature, but when I added more bass with the presets it added that much more of punch.


How would you rate this software to any other apps you use with your mac?


Thanks in advance mate!

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Tbh, no I haven't as I have an external DAC/ a p to do this. It's used by me to boost volume on the internal speakers only - which it does well.
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A bit late to the conversation here, but I have been using Boom on OS X for its EQ functionality for some time, and I think it deserves some attention (although I sure there are many here who would balk at using a software EQ for headphone listening).


I have been wishing for a universal software EQ for OS X pretty much since OS X came out. Granted, it's doesn't really allow for precise tweaking as there is no indication of how many dB you are boosting/cutting a certain frequency band by, so I wouldn't use it for any drastic adjustments, but I have found it quite handy for when I want a touch more bass out of my HD600s for electronic music or want to take a bit of the edge off the treble in my K550s (I realize iTunes has an EQ, but I am mainly listening to Spotify these days).


Again, not as precise as I would like, but if you only need to make subtle adjustments and are able to use your ears to get there, I've found it to be a very useful tool, and well worth the $5 it costs in the App Store. I hope it is a sign of still better things to come.

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I'm currently messing with it, and I like it. If you google it you can get a free trial version.

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