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For Sale or Trade: EarSonics SM64 (V2) IEM

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For Sale or Trade:
EarSonics SM64 (V2) IEM

Will Ship To: Inside EU

Hi there Head-Fi people!


Simply out of curiosity I want to try new IEMs, so I´ve decided to part with my around a month old, perfect condition EarSonics SM64 with the original box, receipt and accessories except for one pair of the comply tips. It´s the current version V2. I´m offering this for sale or trade, both are ok! Trades only with more established members of the community (feedback etc) though. 


As a trade I´m accepting at least the following IEMs: Logitech UE900, StageDiver 2 and 3, Westone 4R/UM3X-RC and Shure 535. Feel free to suggest other IEMs too though, I will consider them.


Please note that due to tax/customs reasons I´m shipping/trading only within the EU.


My price includes registered shipping inside the EU. I would prefer a trade, but I´m willing to sell these for cash too.

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You have PM
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And you sir have a reply!

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Back on sale!

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