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Etymotic HF3 and HTC one?

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Can anyone confirm that these phones work for making calls? I know the volume buttons do nothing but play and pause should work. I'm considering ditching my iPhone 5.
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This is very valid. I have the same question... I own an iPad, and the extra functionality that the hf3 offer over the hf2 would be worth it, even if only for the tablet-based experience. But for newer Android products: how friendly is the hf3 series in terms of just making calls? I would at least want the mic to work for calling.



Here's an online review from Android Police where the guy tested his HTC One with some hf2 earphones, but would the mic work for calling also with the hf3 earphones?

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Sorry... Just to clarify, I currently own an iPad and an Android phone (HTC Droid Incredible 2). Looking to perhaps upgrade to an HTC One soon but at the very least will definitely stay with Android on that front.

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Bumping this old thread. Does anyone have confirmation that the HF3 work with the HTC ONE M7 (2013)?

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