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Amp for TT setup

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I'm putting together my vinyl setup at the moment, I picked up a SL-1200mk2 with a Shure M97xe cart. I'm going to be listening with my DT880 600ohms and I was wondering if I could get some recommendations on a amp. I was thinking of maybe finding a used Valhalla or Asgard. I don't have too much to spend, I'd say around $200 because I still have to pick up a phono preamp.

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I've also picked up a 1200mkII a month ago. I have an Asgard and a Lyr but I won't be listening thru headphones. I think the Asgard would be a good combo with your can. I'm waiting for my Bottlehead Reduction as preamp.
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I am thinking of getting the exact same turntable, I don't have a ton of room for the setup. What is the smallest amp you think I could get away with and still make it sound good through some lower end Grados? I am mostly going to be listening to 70's rock, maybe some early 80's. Of course once I get myself a bit more educated on the subject I am going to start buying some higher end headphones, so maybe a smaller amp that has the potential for better headphones... if that makes sense at all.

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I have 880/600 and 325is coupled to an iCAN.  I think this is a good choice although $249 is stretching a 200 buck limit.  It's got plenty of power for the 880 and has a couple of unique features, both defeatable.  3D for wider soundstage and a little brighter and Xbass for some added sub bass.  It's also small.  It's made by an English hi-end hi-fi company ASR.  http://www.ifi-audio.com/en/iCAN.html  

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I'm looking for suggestions too. I recently picked up a like new Realistic LAB-2200 LINEAR TRACKER for a steal. Added an AT311EP cartridge and a Cambridge Audio 540P pre-amp. Now I need an amp. $250 range. I'd prefer all tube. Thoughts?

My cans...
Senn HD598 and HD439
AKG K240M 600ohm
Superlux HD681
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