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Sennheiser HD 600 question

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Hello all,


First post here and pretty new to headphone world. Currently using sennheiser hd202 which don't seem too bad to me for the money but ready to upgrade now.


I am in a slightly unique position though. I live out in the Australian bush 600kms from nearest town so have to buy the next set based on reviews over the internet without return policies as mail takes too long to reach and go back.


I like the look of the Sennheiser HD 600 and will ultimately be powering them with a Peachtree Nova amp, which has a pretty decent headphone amp integrated. However, The Peachtree is waiting for me in Sydney and I won't be able to get there for 6 months.


So question is will a Mac mini be able to power the HD600s? I realise of course they will not flatter them or sound top notch but will they sound ok for the next 6 months? If anybody actually has this set up and can give their views, that would be amazing.


I could wait and stick with my HD202s for now but I'm impatient when it comes to new toys and 6 months is a long time. wink_face.gif  So I would like to use them now, but at the same time I want to get the best I can for my money and the HD600s sound like a good bet.


Hope this all makes sense.


Decisions, decisions! Any thoughts / experiences greatly appreciated!



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Depends on what you mean by ok - but assuming that our definitions would be similar, then YES, they will be ok for the short term. At the very least they will sound better unamped than your HD 202's do right now, so that should be ok until you get your amp. The sound quality won't jump up 15X (as the price difference does), but the 600's will sound better, and the comfort is much much better than what you're currently using.


I just listened to my HD600's out of my MacbookPro, and they sound ok with good quality music files. I then plugged in my HD202's to the Mac, and the 600's sounded significantly better. I'm not sure what the Mac Mini is like, so next I plugged my 600's into an ipod Nano.... it didn't sound all that great (but it still sounded better than the 202's), and it got plenty loud to play (I couldn't even max out the volume, as it got too loud).


If it were me though, I'd hold off on buying the 600's until I got an amp for them. They are just a waste of money unamped. Or get a cheap amp for the time being and sell it off when you get the Peachtree. Something like a FiiO E9 could probably be found for around $60 used, and would definitely hold you over for 6 months.


Have fun.

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That's great thanks for your response.


I think you're right about holding off. Think I might go the other way and get a stop gap pair and then sell them off when I get united with the amp. Thinking HD-518s maybe, seem to have good reviews.


Thanks again!

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My HD650 (almost identical to the HD600 regarding power) sounds very ok directly plugged on the line-out of my Mini. Do they sound better with external amp/dac? Yes. But the difference is much, much, MUCH smaller than many here will make you think.

If I were you I'd get them, it will be a huge improvement over your current cans even without amp. Of course, if HD600's signature is your cup of tea.
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just buy the hd600 now and LOOK at it...open it up...

examine it....smell it...wash and outbackairdry the pads...

take some fotos... u can do loads with the hd600 without any power.

ok, plug it into the mac mini if u must. just once,

its part of the learning u know, its a hobby.



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