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Replacement cable for Grados?

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Spotted these on ebay:




Are these kits any good? They seem like it. Is there anything priced around the same that anyone would mind suggesting? 


I haven't been able to use my SR80 in a while now.

It seems that the plug is messed up and I am unable to hear anything in the left phone without jiggling the end around inside the jack. I was going to call Grado and probably still will to see how much a repair would cost but then I got the idea of just recabling it myself.


(I can solder)


Thanks guys!

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I would just cut the cable and replace the plug.


The service of Grado lab is really good but I think it charges US$100 plus postage.  I would not send the SR80 or other basic model Grados to the company unless yours is under warranty or it has special sentimental value.



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I saw this a while back:




If you can solder, and have a few hours this could be a great way to upgrade on the cheap.


Best of luck,



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I bought some lovely cryo 18 awg pure copper and lite braided the wire.
I have now lovely tones coming from my grado.
I did try silver but it was a little higher and more wearing in the ears.
The copper is far smoother a little punchier.
Yes practice soldering and take your time and you will be surprised in what you can do and it's also
So very satisfying
Good luck and have a go
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