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Amp advice - Crack vs LD Mkiii vs Valhalla

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Hi all,


I could really use some help here, I seem to change my mind at least 3 time a day at the minute! I have a set of HD650s and am looking for a tube based home amp, I think I've narrowed it down to either the crack, mkiii or valhalla but as I can't audition any of them am at a loss as to which to go for.


So the valhalla is about £340 delivered

the crack about £330 (plus a wait or so I hear)

and the mkiii £190


Looks wise I prefer the valhalla followed by the mkiii, originally I was put off the valhalla due to the lack of tube rolling but I understand the newer models can take new tubes. I keep reading great things about the crack but the long wait and build kind of put me off slightly unless it really blows the others out of the water.  Then there's the mkiii which is markedly cheaper and still gets really good reviews.


I mainly listen to blues, classic rock, singer/songwriter style acoustics, jazz and some classical, although I probably listen to more digital I still have a fair amount of vinyl and most of my favorite albums are vinyl.


Please please help me make up my mind, I would like to order something this week ideally and would love to hear from someone who has compared at least 2 of the above with the HD650s.

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are you interested in tube rolling? or is your driver just best sound for your pound?

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I don't mind tube rolling to find a sound I'm truly happy with.
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Bump, I am also looking for a answer between MKIII and Valhalla for HD650.

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I think it's worth a visit to the Bottlehead Crack thread with 200+ pages.  Some good information, reviews, and feedback in there.


Tons of positive feedback for the Crack amplifier when used with HD-600s or HD-650s.

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And I'm back to decision time, I have had the little dot for a while now and it just isn't grabbing me anymore, any suggestions anyone? Seems pretty hard to find a crack in the UK to try.
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