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Originally Posted by Hutnicks View Post

Careful this is AK with their pricing system they just might take them.


A no bs straight up decent user interface. A decent on board eq (licence electi q if you have to).


User selectable impedance.


As much onboard ram as possible 128 or 256 GB and damn the battery life, if you have to go with a higher cap battery then do it.


Absolute clean line out output. And none of this piggybacking on the headphone out for a digital out nonesense.


2 SD cards with the ability to copy between those and ability to read an external HDD and do the same with that.


If you cannot do that for under 600 retail, don't bother trying. There are 50 other companies who will.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

That's true. I have always been intrigued by iRiver, but to be honest I was thinking of the Walkman Z with up to date screen res and SD slots, with better Audio chips. Extremely wishful thinking but hey,  I would like to see what comes from this thread if anything

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Would people mind if it's hard drive based or ssd?  I know that apple sell the 160 and it's possible to get a 240 drive (223 available in reality).  Depending on size and cost would people mind that in the player or not?



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I have always wanted this


A portable music source, with no headphone output, just a superb line and digital outputs.

Can be used as USB dac, 2 X micro SD slots. On board memory and battery life are not priorities


Nice GUI, showing file type and bit rate, with sleeve art. No wifi, apps, radio,recorder, eq,or bass boost.

Flac and WAV both up to 24/192


Just a portable player I can either plug into a headphone amp or dac/amp when on the move

or I plug into my pre-amp at home, no on-board amplification required.


Oh and must be black, steel/glass and cool to the touch

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Exactly the same as the AK120 on the outside, but with the ES9018 DAC chip and a more powerful amp like the HDP-R10. 

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