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"Audiophile" DAPs that support ID3 tagging

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Preface: About a year ago, I bought a pair of JVC FXT90s and decided I was going to stop wasting money into audio for a while (and waste it on other things). About a month ago, the 3.5mm jack on my iPod Classic decided it was time to stop working on the right channel, and just last Friday, I grabbed my JVCs from my desk in a hurry because I had overslept and ripped the left earpiece clean in two, divorcing drivers from wires. After my entire portable rig crapped the bed within the space of a month, I figured it's time for me to get back into the game.


Now I'm looking for a source to pair with my new GR07s. I've read the Colorfly C3 thread, and I was considering it - I can live with a tiny screen and unresponsive buttons, but the C3 also doesn't support sorting by ID3 tags, and I just can't put up that. In terms of folder structure, my music collection is a trainwreck, but it's all pristinely tagged, so I need a good sounding DAP that lets me browse my music by tags. What options do I have? The only things that come to mind right now are the Clip Zip (maybe with amp), the HM601, and the new FiiO X3. As for budget, I'd like to keep it around $200 (USD). Is there anything else on the market for me?

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Well for that budget, the clip is a surefire i guess, there is also the cowon players, the upcoming x3 can also read tags, so will the hifiman. You can also have a wait on the dx50 if you want to add about a hundred more
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I thought the DX50's price wasn't released yet. I looked at the thread earlier and it was like somebody transcribed the closed captions to a game of The Price Is Right.
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I thought they have decided on a price? might be wrong and might be the release schedule, I don't think anything else is on your budget list for now, besides the cowon player (the J3 is for one 200 bucks on ebay second hand , and they are out of production) 

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Rockboxed Clip Zip for now, FiiO X3 when it is in wide release. 

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