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Originally Posted by miceblue View Post

Lolwut? That's a pretty....unconventional thing to do at a wedding. blink.gif

Clearly, you never saw The Wedding Crashers
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Originally Posted by billybob_jcv View Post

Clearly, you never saw The Wedding Crashers


That was the first time I ever saw Isla Fisher.....damn she's Too bad for me she's married to Borat. :( 

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Originally Posted by RUMAY408 View Post

I had tears streaming down my face reading the reviews on Amazon re: the Justin-In-Beaver doll.  LOL 


Right, I mean, 6,12 O.K. , but by the 14th truthful review , I can only see a true Belieber having great hopes that all the other user experiences were somehow biased, to give it a shot hoping for a different outcome ... #18 : "Not at all what he was expecting" , LMAO ROF !


Yet, somehow isn't it perfectly fitting having bought the hype , marketing sensational lies and packaging only to have regrets after giving air to blow the squeaky, thin skinned little doll up to then feel ripped off for  $12  :blink:  due to nonperformance ...


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


      Flashback , at the age of 12 I sent away for "Your Very Own 7 Foot Monster" advertised in the back of a comic book (for $2.99 in 1965),

and I can remember being so disappointed it was actually a glossy color 7' poster :mad: ( beat myself up over that one for being a stupid kid ) ...


/// Worst date expectations not met story with a moral to be learnt :popcorn:

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Ah but what headphones is the doll wearing?

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Originally Posted by Armaegis View Post

Ah but what headphones is the doll wearing?


- And is listening to , binaural beats ?


- Shirley, something artificial ...


// Don't call Beaver Shirley nor artificial  ;')   

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So is everyone happy with their relationships now because I can't buy that.

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All my relationships recently have been with headphones, cheese, and Bach, and so far things have been excellent. That's the secret. Avoid humans. Listen to gear*. Bloviate on Head-Fi. Eat cheese.


I pass this life advice on free of charge, but don't complain to me if, by following it, you find yourself without gentle company and sitting alone amidst a pile of audio equipment at the tender young age of 35. When Virgin isn't just a record label to you....


*Not music

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Having bad dates would require getting a date in the first place...

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I had a dream the other day that I went on a date with a blonde girl at the beach. She seemed comfortable with me, but since it was just a dream I can only say: "I wish." :( 

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Ahh. Dates. Haven't been on one of those in a while. Or gone out. Or anything really.

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My dream is to someday meet a lovely, intelligent, brown-haired girl with a wonderful personality and a bit of extra meat on her bones. Well, I've actually met several of these, but the sparks never seem to fly. Indeed, join me in the Friend Zone™--we have cookies, and of course I'll share them because, you know, I'm such a nice guy. I get told how nice a guy I am constantly. Pity most of the lovely ladies my age seem to be attracted to not-nice guys.


Oh, well. I always look on the bright side. Someday, one of them will say yes. And then, perhaps a year after that, I'll have something to write about in this thread! :D

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It'll never happen. Hopefully I've saved you from an otherwise futile wait.

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Originally Posted by Tangster View Post

It looks like ignore her wins.

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