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... and they're pretty birds, right?

I hear the Norwegian Blue has beautiful plumage!

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I thought that was a cheese....


Try macaws.

post #183 of 1450 can teach them to say words too..just saying.

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Sometimes you don't have to teach them, they just pick up what they hear.

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Really? Didn't know. Maybe teach em to badmouth the Beat's headphones....

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Originally Posted by wink View Post

Sometimes you don't have to teach them, they just pick up what they hear.

If you split the tongue on a crow they can do that as well.

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Where's currawong when we need him?

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I hear the Norwegian Blue has beautiful plumage!

I hear they pine too much.
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Only when sitting in pine trees.....

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File source:

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If only it wasn't nailed to that tree... Voom.
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10 posts totally irrelevant to the topic at hand with no date or partner mentioned in any of them.

Bravo headfi bravo.
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I was on a date once - I stood on a calendar....

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Another tragic tale from my adventures in online dating...


I had been chatting with this gal for a couple weeks and we finally set up a coffee date (this would be the second girl I ever met from online; the first was the one who brought a date to the date). The first meetup was non-eventful; not great, not bad, just whatever. We message a few days later and set up a second date. This one, cripes... the restaurant we went to, I can't even remember where we went now, but the food and service were atrocious. Get-up-and-leave kind of bad, but we didn't. We were both trying to be pleasant and not complain (date etiquette after all), but ugh it put us both in a bad mood and the conversation was very stilted. We each paid half of the bill and I'm pretty sure neither of us tipped.


So moving onto the second half of the night, I had tickets to see a production of Medea. Now, I didn't know much about the story going in; I just read in the newspaper that the story was one of female empowerment. That's good right? Well, that empowerment is someone taking an extremely liberal interpretation of the word. If you know the story of Jason and the Argonauts, this is the story of his wife after his epic adventure. Here's the gist: Jason leaves her for another woman, yadda yadda, Medea goes nuts, makes pacts with devils, and murders his new wife, father in law, and at the very end kills her own children. Seriously, the play ends with bloody beheaded children. We walked out of the theatre with no words. The acting was good I suppose, but just a grueling subject and not one for light-hearted date conversation.


Figuring the night is a wash, I offer to walk her back to her car. It's been a pretty awkward night and we don't have much to say at this point, except $%&@... the windows of her car are all smashed in. Complicating matters even more is that her laptop was stolen. She works in internet securities, so a stolen computer is a big deal because now she has to report it to the head office and all that other stuff.


Her workplace was right next door actually, so we head over and I kinda sit there not sure what to do. She's super upset and anxious and almost in tears, and I'm not sure how I can comfort her, or if I should. The instincts are telling me I should hug her or something, but we didn't even do that on the first date so I'm at a loss here. The office is pretty quiet with only a few people working the midnight shift. I have a really awkward conversation with one of her coworkers who inquires about me, I meekly say that we were on a date before finding out her car was broken into. Oh, so now he feels awkward too. At this point we decide to go outside and try to tape up the windows so she can at least drive home. It's wintertime, so of course the tape doesn't stick, but we make the best of it.


Anyhow, we eventually part ways after the police report is filled out and so ends the fantastically terrible night. Oh but my story doesn't end there. I call up a couple days later just to check up and see if everything's alright. I'm not really feeling any sort of connection, but who knows that was such a stupid night maybe it just threw us both off. To my surprise, she really wants to see me again. She suggests a super fancy restaurant, to which I try to say that it's a little out of my price range. Her response... "oh come on, you make $$$$$ a year. You can afford that".


My reaction is blink.gif. How the hell did she know that. I never mentioned my income before. I didn't tell her that much about me at all actually. After some very careful prodding with questions, she tells me that she did some digging on me. I'm a researcher funded through the university, so my funding is technically in the public domain. Except that info is ridiculously buried. I'm pretty computer savvy and I wasn't able to find it. But she did. She's a securities consultant after all.


So yeah, after that I had my own little stalker for a while. She knew where I worked, where I lived, all my contact information, etc. I didn't know what to do, because she wasn't technically invading my privacy. All I did was keep changing the subject and making up excuses, and eventually flat out ignoring her.


Thankfully, the whole thing ended nondramatically and she stopped pestering me. My guess is she found someone else to obsess over.

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She was a fan, not a stalker Armaegis;-)
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