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German Maestro GMP 8.35 D - Not sure what the fuss is?

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Good day fellas, my first post here so be gentle with me.  I am definitely no a music connoiseur, and have a very limited knowledge on headphones.


So after weeks upon weeks of reading and searching for the 'right' pair of headphones for me, I finally decided on the German Maestro GMP 8.35 D with short cable.  I was wanting something with a short cable, over ears and with a good sprinkling of low end as I would be wearing these for the gym.  So with what I had in mind, I began reading hundreds, then thousands of posts on all makes and models of headphones to finally settle on the 8.35's. 


I then began exchanging mails with Thomas at German Maestro and placed the order.  All throughout the exchange or mails, Thomas was more than pleasant and prompt with his replies.


2 weeks go by and I have a new beautiful set of German Maestro GMP 8.35 D in my possession.  I load up Phil Collins greatest hits into my NAD 502, turn it onto repeat and begin the burn in phase.  I'd play the CD for ~ 8 hours, then shut it down for an hour.  Switched to some random Tina Turner disk, same thing... repeat, ~ 8 hours.  Did this with 5 CD's and figured that would be a good burn in.  because of my schedule this took me 5 days to complete.  I figured I was now ready to sit in my favorite chair and give them a listen to.


Thoughts...  well, um, I didn't know hat to think to be quite honest.  The highs were exactly that, HIGH, SHARP and extremely detailed.  I found the mids to be clean and easy to listen to.  The low end... if one wants to call it low end was quick and responsive but lacking greatly.  In fact, there was nearly no bass.  I have tried to listen to these on 3 separate occasions and the longest listening session I could muster was 30 mins.  I had to put some serious effort into my ipod's EQ (hooked up to a FiiO E11 - bass boost on middle) in order to even get these to be mildly tolerable to my ears.  So with ~40 hours burn in, and well under an hour and a half listening time, I feel these are not the headphones for me.  Now I am not sure what I was expecting, but this was certainly not it.  I was surprised, shocked and greatly disappointed.  After all the reading I had done, all the superb reviews on the 8.35's I wasn't sure if it was me or the headphones (definitely guessing it is me).  I guess I was expecting something FAR superior to the ATH-M50's (which I own and LOVE the sound) and well, I didn't think these were it.


Should I be more tolerable?  Am I being too harsh?  Is this normal for the 8.35's so sound so "sharp - clear - fresh" in the highs and to lack so much in the low end? 


I sent a message to Thomas today about whether these are returnable or not.  Any thoughts, opinions?

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After 5 years of daily use I'm still holding the GMP 8.35 in high regard. I was so happy with the sound of those babes that I've wrote this review, http://www.head-fi.org/t/406658/the-german-maestro-gmp-8-35-d-monitor-in-the-studio-serious-about-audio-indeed


I'm sorry to hear about your disappointed with the bass of the 8.35, and I do hope you'll be able to return them... in the meanwhile you can try to mod the 8.35 for more bass to your liking. The mod is very simple, you'll need to take out the pads, and add a round soft thin cotton fabric, or thin felt fabric on the shape/size of the driver/inner cup. This mod will increase the bass and warm the upper mids/treble.


This is the main idea for the bass mod, made by, Marleybob217



I hope you'll enjoy this adventure. happy_face1.gif

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Thank you for the reply Acix.   Now that you post the link to your review, I do recall reading it.  I will consider this as an option, but will wait to hear back from Thomas first when he gets back in early next week.

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