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So this is still a work in progress, but I am VERY happy with the outcome so far






Only thing is that the face on the first pic is the nicest, and it's the back.  Obviously didn't plan well ;)

The 2nd pic is the front of this, last one is one side.  The other side, not included, is my least favorite, doesn't have much figuring.

It even looks better in person, there is a pretty cool almost 3d holographic effect.


This is the Power supply part of my project, will house the high voltage power transformer, rectifier tube, smoothing caps, and two smaller transformers and associated circuits to generate the raw heater voltage.


I'll build a 2nd box to house the main part of the amp.  I already have the piece of curly maple for that box.


Finishing so far has been Dark Vintage Maple Transtint diluted with water.  Applied lots of the mixture to the wood, and then sanded down to 320 grit.

Applied one coat Sealcoat dewaxed shellac, mixed 50/50 with denatured alcohol and one coat of Sealcoat at full strength.


I am going to add dovetail miter keys to the corner, and then apply a final finish over the top of the shellac.

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That's one fine looking cabinet.

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Here's the shelf structure.


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Originally Posted by sceleratus View Post

Here's the shelf structure.



How big is your shelf?


I didn't really notice before, it looks huge.


BTW, thanks for the idea about making a router pattern.


On the sides of my box, I made a couple of "slots" on the bottom for air flow, plus they will make it easier to pick up the box, but I didn't really like how they turned out.  I'll try making a template out of scrap wood and see how that goes.



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It's 75" long 11.5" wide 3" deep.

You can use either 1/2" MDF or 1/4" Masonite hardboard. The Masonite is nice but you need to make sure you get a shallow bushing. Rocker calls them "sign" templates. They fit a standard 1 1/4 " Hole in a router sole.
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Veneering the concave curves will be interesting. It's probably "just" a matter of clamping in the right places, but I'm curious how you get the veneer to follow the curve.


Neat project regardless. I really like the contrast of light-dark wood in your work. Like the walnut corners and maple sides on your 300B amp.



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Happy New Year Tom,


I made a "complimentary clamping curve" with tangent plateaus for the clamps.  There are parallel plateaus on the backside of the base curve.

However, I shouldn't need it since I'm building a vacuum press.  The system will generate 1,800 Lb/sq. inch, so it should conform to the curves nicely.

I will give it a test press first.


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Any progress to report?


I just bought a flat pack for a small, desktop speaker project, and an looking at veneering it.


Considering building a vacuum press, wondering what you built?


Seems like the joewoodworker stuff is the safe way to go with this.



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I have 3 - 4 projects going.  I refinished a cherry table.  Install new chair legs from Rogers Woodturning to replace broken ones.  Making raised panel window valences. And.. the shelf.

I completed the Joe Woodworker V2 plus but I haven't tested it.  Today I will complete the modular platen then I'll give it a go.


I purchased a bunch of Festool equipment.  I've had the plunge saw and rail for many years.  I added the CT-Midi dust extractor, 1400 OF router and 150/5 orbital sander.  Wow.  What a pleasure.

Since my space is limited, I will probably get the Festool portable router table.  I like what I saw on YouTube.   I also bought the Excalibur EX-16 scroll saw.    Check out the "Wood Whisperer".


Yesterday I had some Skype consulting from Paul Schurch.  Amazing.


I'm days away from starting some these veneer samples.

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It works



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Festool, I'm jealous.


I also have bought a bunch of tools in the last 6 months or so.


New ROS, a Milwaukee and some Mirka Abranet sandpaper and "interface pads"  The pads are simply hook on one side, loop on the other, protects the sander pad.

The Mirka is pretty cool sandpaper, a little expensive but lasts a long time and doesn't get clogged like normal paper when sanding finishes.


Used Bosch Jigsaw to replace a Hitachi one.


Dewalt Table Saw, the little one, DW745.


A Rockler Router table top for my little, Bosch laminate router.


Inexpensive HVLP sprayer that I haven't used yet.



You vacuum setup looks cool, I was thinking about buying one of his vacuums, but decided against it for now.  The speakers I am going to veneer are small, so I just plan to use clamps and pressure to do the job.


Here's a project update.



After installing the dovetail keys, I had to resand, redye, and shellac the outside again.

I then used rattle can Deft lacquer, 4 coats so far.


Turns out the screen I want to install on top sags in the middle, so I need to add some more supports in the middle of the walls, you can see a couple on the inside corners in the pics.  Using same wood as the keys.



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Very Cool.

I love how the maple pops when you apply finish.  Just amazing.


I'm selling my Bosch 1617EVA router with collets and template rings.

Also my beefy Porter Cable 6931 plunge router.


I have some nice Rosewood PVA backed.  2' x 8'   This will be very easy for you.

Also a nice strip of figured maple paper backed.  


If interested, make me an offer.  It'll be friends pricing.

I'll photograph the maple if you are interested.


Don't forget you need a backing veneer.  I have a bunch I'll give you.

If you want to come south and press it, let me know.

I'm pressing a simple picture frame today, just to get my toes wet.


I have not forgotten this is an audiophile DIY thread.....

My "grand Plan" is to make a nice cabinet/rack/stand for the amp and the Schiit gear.




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Thanks for the offer on the veneer, but I have my eye on some nice figured raw veneer.  I am starting to buy the stuff to make hot hide glue to try hammer veneering.


Bigger router would be nice, but its not a priority at this time.



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Getting closer to a real project.

I just finished a making a mockup veneer panel that I will use to make a table top.

Then the music room shelf.  Then tackle an equipment cabinet as a furniture project.


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Attractive layout of color and grain. smily_headphones1.gif
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