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TTVJAudio News!

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HI All,


We have been busy getting the best products available for our customers. Astell & Kern, Colorfly, Teac, Sennheiser, CEntrance along with adding a number of great deals in our used category.


The Sennheiser HDVD 800 headphone amplifier is now available at TTVJAudio! Get them while they are in stock!




We are very pleased to introduce Astell & Kern to our lineup. The AK100 is now available and the new and coming soon AK120 can be pre ordered here. These are very fine pieces of portable audiophile gear!




Also new at TTVJAudio are the Colorfly products. These too are very good digital portable sources and we think very highly of them. The Colorfly C3 is an amazing piece for the money and the Colorfly C4 is a top contender for best in its class!



The Colorfly C3



The Colorfly C4



TEAC has long been a great manufacturer of upper mid fi and high end components. Much of its current line comes as trickle down engineering from the super high end Esoteric line. TEAC has introduced their new Reference Series line of products that include a very good and versatile headphone amp - the HA-501, an excellent DAC - the UD-501, an integrated amplifier with usb audio input the AI-501DA  and a CD player - the PD-501. These very fine units from TEAC can be had for $850 or less each!


The HA-501

The UD-501

The AI-501DA

The PD-501


Coming very soon - the CEntrance HIFiM8. Keep an eye on our site for updates and the big announcement - that they are in stock. The wait is almost over!!!


We also have 3 excellent power amps up for sale - The once HOT - as in stolen from us - EAR 509 mono block power amplifiers. These are the balanced model and list new for $15700. You can have a very lightly used pair for $12000. We also have a like new Luxman M 600A Class A power amplifier that is used but in like new condition and our Manley Snapper Demo mono block power amplifiers



The 509 amps with the protective plastic still on the front and rear panels!


The Luxman M-600A Class A Power Amplifier


Our demo Snappers. They are very good EL34 tube power amplifiers!



Thanks and lots more coming soon!



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Hi Todd!


Just wanted to say thanks for the great service you provided me in regards to replacing my HE-500. Outstanding top notch service! Thank you!



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