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Need urgent help to choose amp. For Hd800

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Hello, Everybody. I need professional help. My friend will go from USA to Hong Kong where I live after 3 weeks and he promised to me to make a gift for my birthday. I told him that I need the best amp. For my Hd800. But forum is too long so I can find the main idea- which amp is the best with a price range for 2000 to 3500 usd. People mentioned hdvd800 and luxman p-1u and p-700u and wooaudio wa22 and ear hp-4 and rkv mark2. So for now I need to give quick answer to my friend- which model to order and I don't know. Can you just a vote- what will be the best amp. For hd 800. I listen only to classical music and my CD player is naim 5i. Thanks a lot- I really need your help as my English is not so good to check all the forum as I simply can not understand many words there.
P.S I know that in USA there are many hand made amp like Zana Deux but i think all of them can not meet my date of production as the builder of Zana told me answering my email.
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How about a Schiit Mjolnir.

It's also excellent  for Audeze if you plan to buy one later.

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I would try to ask here instead:



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Eddie Current would be my top choice for the HD800 (or any other headphone, for that matter).  I think Eddie Current has a distributor in Asia, so that might be something to consider.


If you really want your friend to bring something back from the US, I think the Luxman P-1u is good for solid state.  I used to own it.  It is extremely quiet, with great bass and tremendous microdetail.  It is also built like a tank. That said, it is somewhat dry sounding.  It is also a bit overpriced.


I heard the Sennheiser HDVD800 at the New York Audio Show with the HD800s and did not like it.  It seemed somewhat lean and clinical and not very musical.


If you want to think a little outside the box, I would consider two other amps.  First would be the ECP Audio L-2.  A number of owners who love Eddie Current amps have nothing but praise for the L-2, and it is supposed to be a good match with the HD800.  If I couldn't get an Eddie Current amp, I would get the L-2.  The second amp would be the Fosgate Signature amp.  I heard it at the New York Audio Show and thought it was much better than the HDVD800.  It had a fuller, warmer sound that really complemented the HD800s well.  And it is "only" $1600.


Good luck with your purchase.

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I wholeheartedly recommend the full size Soloist. Very accurate and powerful amp. 

(The conductor is a 3 on 1 unit with the same amp section + dac and pre)

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