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Newbie, assistance required! Portable amps

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I'm rather new to this forum so bear with me if I said anything wrong. :)


I just bought a HE-400 and was wondering if portable amp is really needed; currently using Westone IEM W4 and Audio Technica Noise cancelling ATH-ANC9.


As the headphone is new, it is not fully burned-in yet hence I think what I am hearing now might not be the final result I will be getting (it is stated to let it run for 150 hrs before the full potential of the headphone can be realized); I may be wrong though!


I have a RSA predator with about 500+ hours in but when I run it through this setup:


HTC one > USB Line Out > Predator DAC/AMP > HE-400


I can't to get the volume to the max. Of course there isn't really a need to do so as with the gain set at "mid" and the volume gain at 3/4 of the way, it is sufficiently loud. But if I go more than that, maybe to 80 - 85%, the sound get distorted quite badly. Is it because the predator does not have enough juice for it?


I tried using my Denon A/V receiver (supposedly to be quite good, cost me a grand or two), the volume isn't a problem and there isn't any distortion.


I just want to ask, do you guys think Fiio E17 will be better than RSA predator? Does the burn-in makes a difference here? I understand that both the amp and the headphones are still far off being fully burned-in.


HE-400 has quite a bright treble at the higher frequencies currently, it can a bit hurtful if I have it at a louder volume. Does the HE-400 mellow down a little after the burn in? W4 also have this issue but only at the really higher frequencies and it isn't really that bad compared to the HEs.


Please advise.

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Bumping my post for answers..

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No Love for new joiners... confused.gif HE-400 or HD650. With or with headphone Amp given that I have a Denon A/V reciever.

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