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Fostex TH-900/TH-600 or LCD-2 for basshead (with sample playlist) - Page 3

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I think the TH900 will suit your preference. I'm moving from LCD2 to TH600 and TH900 too. The resolution on those headphones is clearly above the LCD2s. And if you're asking about the bass quantity, TH600 or TH900 will definitely provide enough bass for you (more than LCD2s).
The bass decay on TH600 and TH900 is a bit longer than the LCD2s (some of them will consider it's a bit boom), but I think for your reference music, it kinda suits your music preference. And although the bass is bit larger in term of quantity, but the texture is still there. Those new fostex headphones definitely have some great tuning in it.

I recommend you use a better source to drive those TH600 or TH900. They're not hungry in term of power, but you definitely need some good resolution DAC and amp to pump out the juice from TH600 or TH900.
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very odd thread, why wouldn't half the budget get allocated to a better amp/dac?  Or keep the dac and get a better amp to drive these hi-end headphones?

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TH900 will pound your brains out, and it takes further sub bass EQ like a champ, thanks to its bass distortion characteristics. But you may need to attenuate the upper mids and highs on harsh music with low dynamic range. You don't really need the LCD-2s lush mids for dubstep.

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So for getting this back from the dead but what do you think about the th600 and the Alpha dog for the same reason with the poster?
I found the thread by searching for the th600 but I didn't see something about the alphas.

At the moment it's just 100 usd more 600 vs 700.
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TH900 indeed needs good amping to dampen the highs and bring out the mids. I am having them plugged in into my Xonar STX and the sound is great, but not optimal, it still hurts in certain ranges of the frequency spectrum, A Beyerdynamic mids' sound better, but too controlled, too clinical. The TH900 is very good with classical indeed, and guitars and everything else, maybe because its "loudness"-sound. In essence: It is a headphone where your body will start moving.


The LCD on the other hand is a planar magnetic headphone and is definitely on my buy list, I am sure its sound signature has advantages over the TH900 and disadvantages.


For an dac+amp, I guess 2K is what one must consider to get into the high-end range.

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