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Hello all,



I've been the owner of a FiiO E6 since early April, which I bought via Ebay from the official reseller in the United Kingdom; EA Audio.

Now, I've been using it daily since then, and I really liked (still do) it. I'm using it in combination with an Ultrasone HFI-580 and a Galaxy Note II


But a few days ago, when I wanted to use the E6 with said headphone and smartphone, I had a problem: there was no sound coming from the left side of my headphone. This sounds like there's something wrong with the headphone, but when I plugged it in my phone directly, it worked without a problem.

I tried turning the E6 off and on a few times, but nothing changed. After that, I thought, maybe there's something with the battery, maybe it's almost out of juice? So I charged it overnight and tried again the next morning. Without luck, the music still came from the right side only.


I also tried some in-ears and my computer speakers. But of course, the same issue with those. So it's definitely the E6 that's having issues.


Anyone else here has experienced something alike? Is it perhaps easy to fix? Or am I doing something completely wrong?








Excuse my English, it's not my native language :)