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Continued headphone breakage.

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First off, I apologise if this is in the wrong part of the forum. 


Now, I have blue skullcandy headphones, which continue to break. I think it used to be due to the very high volumes I played my music, up to a 100% regularly. As a result I think my headphones blew out, I had to keep twisting the cord part of the headphones to try and get both ears to work, if that makes any sense whatsoever. This has happened three times this year alone.


When I bought my new headphones, I decided I'd never play the volume higher than 50%, yet here we are again, with my headphones broken. It currently only plays through one ear and I'm flummoxed as to why this continues to happen.


If anyone could be so kind as to offer advice, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

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Skullcandy products are just not durable, the problem has nothing to do with the driver blowing out,   and thus doesn't pertain to volume levels. It's the cable fraying at/near the solder points and not being able to transfer signal anymore.  Happens in all Skullcandys and most other cheap IEMs.


Not really advice but I hope it helps

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Dunno if these can be disassembled and how skilled you are but you could try to re-solder the cable. There's probably no strain relief .. a cheap way to fix that is to make a knot with the cable inside the earcup so if you're pulling on the cable you're not pulling on the solder joints.


Or just get new (more durable) headphones and handle them more carefully.

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+1 for durable headphones

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You have a damaged cable, those are the symptoms you described. If you were playing music loud enough to damage the drivers regularly you would have noticeable loss in hearing.

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With IEMs I'm surprised by what doesn't break, not what does. Long lasting for me was Shure E2C at two or three years but then I left them behind on a plane...damn. I have Sennheiser CX95 from 2009 but the housing on one side is starting to get loose (it can rotate). In the same time I had 2 x Sennheiser CX 300 die, a Klipsch IEM die and a full size Sony headphone die from its nasty thin internal cable with bad routing. Cheap + portable usually means "it will break". The cable on my Shure SE215s broke at 14 months but it's replaceable.

My Sennheiser HD 500s died recently. I think I bought them in 2000 or 2001. It would be great if that kind of lifespan was normal.
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If you keep listening at loud levels, you won't have to worry about headphone durability down the road as your hearing will suffer.

Durable headphones, German Maestro 8.35D's they even make one with BX cable. The same cable used on Fortress Phones (pay phones) and you'll be hard pressed to damage them in any way. They have driven over these headphones at demos with cars... Time to leave the SkullCandy on the shelf in the store where they belong... biggrin.gif

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Even if someone suffers degraded hearing they probably prefer both sides of their 'phones to work.

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Are you sure those are just coffee splashes? :P


The best cable won't help if there's no strain relief to protect the solder joint.

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