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Anyone here own the Custom One Pro? I bought it...

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So I bought the custom one pro brand new from some ebay seller for 145$ brand new (with free 2 day shipping). I think that was a good deal.

From what I can tell a lot of people bought these and then subsequently wound up selling them or something. Nowadays I don't see many people talking about them. Is anyone out there still using these, how are you finding them overall?

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That's a good deal and I would not have paid full price.  Build quality felt really good.  I remember my first reaction when I heard them, JEEBUZ THAT BASS.  Then oh...recessed mids....

/put headphones back

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thanks for the 1st impression. Anyone else?

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Got them a month ago. My love for them just kept growing after receiving them. As a bass-head, these are overthetop for me. I really HATE sibilants and these do wonders imo: precise without hurting. Some say mids are too recessed, I just think they are fine.

This headset is definitely a "fun" headset, you don't get tired of listening to them compared to a "precise" pair of cans.

And I never heard a pair of cans sounding so great in movies, the bass capability of these cans might help :)

EDIT: sound stage is also above average for a closed pair, which is a nice "+"

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Thanks mindblown, that was really helpful!
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Any others?

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lol, I just don't understand where all the COP owners on this forum are. 1 owner responded!

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I have had mine for about 6 months and use them all the time. They have become one of my favorites even earning favor over my beloved Shure 840. The bass adjuster is top notch and they work well with every source and genre I throw at them. Can't beat them at that price point either.
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So got the COP a few hours ago. While I love the bass, compared to the ATh-M50s the mids seem a little recessed. not too much but ever so slightly that its noticeable. Do they get better with burn in? I can't decide if i like them or not, i definitely like their bass and lack of sibilance. Can't say whether I want to keep the M50s or COP. It just seems like the M50s are bringing more amounts of music to me whereas the COPs have all the same music but some parts of it are lurking quietly in the background. Also the overall volume with the COP is definitely not as high as the M50s. What gives with that?

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They are very similar headphones. I find the COP to be more engaging. It was the mids that turned me off of the M50 and really took me out of the music whereas I have no issue wit the COP mids. Not sure about the volume issue. A huge COP selling point for me is comfort. I never cared much for the feel of the M50 on my head. While burn in loosens the sound up a bit the signature does not change. It really comes down to different strokes.
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