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Sony DJ headphones

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Does the Sony MDR-V55 sound close to the MDR-V700DJ? Or the V500DJ? I just don't know if the V55 is good as the older model.

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Originally Posted by DustinBroke View Post

Does the Sony MDR-V55 sound close to the MDR-V700DJ? Or the V500DJ? I just don't know if the V55 is good as the older model.

The 700dj is what a coworker of mine has. They sound bassy, decent for low-fi headphones. The v55 seems to get pretty solid reviews, And the v55 is more of an MP3 player compatible set of cans. My coworker actually dj's with the v700dj. I'd say give the v55 a shot! Just don't expect audiophile sound quality.
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Oh I thought that the V700DJ was like a flat sounding headphones like used for studio use and mixing. So I assumed that they are audiophile sound also. But were they really that bassy? I remember listening to them back around 2004 or so and they didn't sound that bassy. To me they sounded like flat and had a lot of mids. But basicly overall balanced type. I just don't know if the V55 is better or the same as them. I know that the V55 uses a 40mm driver and not 50mm like the V700DJ. The V500DJ uses 40mm like the V55 but just don't know if the V55 sounds like maybe the V500DJ.

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I am probably the forum's reigning expert on the sound of the V700. Or, should I say, sounds, since they go through quite a transformation when the plastic used in the swiveling hinges inevitably breaks, resulting in a poor seal. They do have a push through the upper midrange and initially they're quite dark sounding, but even in pristine form they have mediocre bass extension and grainy, unremarkable treble. They also have a tiny soundstage. As they age and the seal loosens, the bass drops off, leaving a mid-centric headphone with poor detail retrieval and obvious upper midrange coloration.


No headphone should ever attempt to imitate the sound of the V700 in any stage of its "sonic evolution." My greatest shame shall not be uttered here, since it doesn't concern headphones, but my second greatest shame is that I bought the V700 twice before I finally learned.


A "studio" type Sony headphone would be something like the V6/7506. They're not bad, though I found them a bit bright and a tad grainy, and there's a bit of upper midrange glare that's vaguely reminiscent of the V700. They have decent bass extension--surprising, in fact, for a design of their vintage. Definitely not basshead material, though. I mention it merely for the sake of reference, since it's a typical "studio monitor" sounding headphone. It's certainly much flatter than a DJ headphone of any description.

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Well so does the V55 sound like the V700DJ or the V500DJ? Or does the V55 sound better? Like more fuller and balanced sound?

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I doubt the v55 sounds like either,...


Argyris, thanks for the full info. I only listened to the v700dj once, I really didn't like them. The V6, those I owned. They definitely are studio hp's, and the treble was a bit harsh. Still, the V6 would work for dj'ing. And the sq is solid - but a bit irritating.

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