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Originally Posted by Gintaras View Post

so i stand by my statement and repeat it, H200 is a GEM considering the price & sonics you receive with it, it will stay with me at least until i decide to upgrade to ASG2 ...


Ah, now I get it, you were comtemplating to upgrade your "budget rig" to the ASG2.

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Originally Posted by james444 View Post


Ah, now I get it, you were comtemplating to upgrade your "budget rig" to the ASG2.


James tongue.gif


no, but perhaps i might consider buying ASG2 and putting it on a cockroach race against H200, after all does the double price difference warrant the upgrade path? oh i nearly forgot ...... ASG2 is not a budget IEM, it's fat budget IEM darthsmile.gif

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Originally Posted by Idsynchrono_24 View Post

Just picked up the G-2 after meeting up with Cn11. Had a lot of fun meeting up and the convo just flowed. It's safe to say I am a fan of the G-2. They are all that and a bag of chips. More to come


Glad you finally got to hear it... especially considering our many, bible-length PMs about them.  I'm fairly certain a few of those exchanges were responsible for bringing Head-Fi to it's knees and putting in "maintenance mode".. lmao (sorry, Jude).

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I figured I'd post my Sui impressions here, amongst head-fi friends. Not much going on in the Sui thread.

Overall the Sui can have a pleasant and clear signature at lower volumes and is nicely extended at both ends. However if the volume is increased, the problems with its tuning become more apparent.

The overall note weight is on the thin side to me. If the 1+2 is a slight U shaped sig, the Sui is like a skateboard half pipe U. The thinner note throws dynamics and instrument realism off a little for me. Still better than many BA only phones but not as good as some of the better dynamic based phones. I get quite a bit of sibilance in voices and cymbal crashes have pretty substantial ringing at 5k and perhaps 9k with many songs. Comply tips sound best to me, subduing sibilance and ringing a bit. And while I prefer the bass with silicone tips, silicone accentuates these treble issues.

At first I preferred these to the IE800 but over extended listening, I began to see the IE800 has greater potential, due to its really nice midrange. Perhaps not a fair comparison but after modding the IE800 with tea bag filters and a couple of EQ tweaks, the IE800 is much more preferable. Even though the IE800 has treble issues of its own, it's not as problematic as the Sui treble IMO. I'm not sure yet but I may prefer the Rin modded W4 to both. Although I do like to EQ it as well, to add some missing sub bass and few db's at 3k and 5k to help bring upper mids more forward for an even more (downward sloping diffuse field) linear sound to my ears. (On a side note, Rin's measurements seem to match what I hear pretty well and the ease with which I can EQ, based on his measurements, is pretty awesome.)

All that being said, I enjoy my TG334 and 1+2 much more than these others. I should have my AS-2 back this week; hopefully before I send the loaners off to Flysweep at weeks end.
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I've read design of such nature have a good chance of developing  phase issue if the drivers are pushed to their limit depending on the volume they are played at and the complexity of the music. 

I wonder if the designer tried with different tube dimension or perhaps using few more tube to deal with how air it move between the two driver. 

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Originally Posted by james444 View Post



Congrats, it takes quite some guts to call the Flat-4 accurate and transparent! rolleyes.gif


Full disclosure....


"at lower volumes" etysmile.gif

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I actually listen to the Suis louder than I do my other IEMs but then again that maybe considered low volume to others :P.

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Thanks for ending the dream fellas. You know who you are. ijs

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Very early impression(40 minutes)


Fit and isolation: They isolate fairly well, when the bass port is closed. I would say without the music off in a noisy room it reduces the noise by a good 30%. ASG-2 fit is just right for my ear. My only issue is the wire used in the cable. It rests on my ear and it can cause pain. I think I might try some other cables in near future.



Sound: It seems like from factory the bass port setting is set on 1. I think they should instead set it at half-way between 0-1 as the mid-bass might come across as bloated for those who are not used to bass.

With the bass close the treble immediately becomes more pronounce. 


My issue is I hear the similar spikes in found in the EX-1000 in the highs when the bass port is close. Setting the bass port between 0-1 fixes that issue.


Comparison: Comparing to EX-1000 they have few things in common which i cannot pin-point right now. Over-all my early impression is EX-1000 probably is better suited as an over-all universal however instrument and percussion based music which I found best when I listen to them via the EX-1000 sound ever better from ASG-2. Sadly EX-1000 seems to be just average when it comes to complex passage, I will be checking this out later tonight with ASG-2 however my guess is ASG-2 is likely to going to perform the same as EX-1000 as the balance driver is only for highs. 


Hissing: They are not immune to hiss. Pairing it with MHd-Q7 I do hear hissing however I really enjoy what MHd-Q7 does to the dynamic drivers. I really enjoy MHd-Q7 pairing with ES10 and EX-1000. While I hear no hiss when I pair the amp with ES10 I do hear some slight hissing with EX-1000 which is a lot more compared to ASG-2. I am guessing the hiss is due to the balance drivers. 


All and all: Once I get the cable fitting sorted out I do see myself keeping this for  along time. They are my very first hybrid set and I need to say I am was ver skeptical with this designed approach. However what makes ASG-2 different to other design is that the balance armature are there to complement the dynamic driver and there is no cross-over.

I am just now curious how K3003 sound compared to ASG-2.


Amping: Paired with O2 (feeding via ipod touch) the improvement is noticeable enough for me to actually recommend amping close to essential.

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Anybody have a frequency graph for the ASG 2's?
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Originally Posted by UnityIsPower View Post

Anybody have a frequency graph for the ASG 2's?

Shhhhh...the mad graphers will be here in a second !

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Lol. Wait! Let me hide! .....(/*_*)/

Inconspicuous level maxed!
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I tried the 100 ohm resistor. The effect are as follow:

  • Hiss is gone when paired with MHd-Q7 and AK120 (AK120 beyond 55/75 volume mark caused hissing)
  • Bass is still present however considerably more tighter and it feels like more of a sub-bass
  • Vocal is less forward
  • Mid-range is flat 
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Interesting interesting. Sounds like it might absolutely rock with the high output impedance jack on my D100 II. biggrin.gif

Have you tried a lower ohm resistance?
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I do not have any other resistor with me, I am hoping to order some soon. The cause of the hissing is just the balance armature. I think for the consumer market the bass port is not going to have any purpose. 


After inspecting the bass port I noticed that you must have the bass port passed half way between the the fully close and opening marking one. The bass port has a cut in strip that gets wider as the bass port is opened more. The cut starts right when the bass port is pass the halfway of the first section.


I know I read somewhere that cable swapping has an effect I just cannot find where it was, I am thinking of trying to order Fiio westone cable, would westone cables work for ASG-2? As much as I like the stock cable however the memory wire used is just too stiff.


All and all I absolutely love this for certain type of music (modern pop) and dislike it for other one (old 1950 live recording).


It is suitable for large portion of my music hence why I am keeping it as it does pop, modern jazz and chamber music just right. It sometimes have amazing hollow effect which at times can sound artifical but the sense of echo is present nicely in my chamber music. I am on border on how it sounds with piano notes but it is certainly good enough for regular listening.


I did not like how it sounded out of AK120 however once I paired it with O2 the sound improved by a large margin. The dynamic driver really loves the gain switch of the O2. It certainly gives more of a punch when it is used on the high gain. 

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