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Looking to buy some new Headphones (Maybe some Grado SR225i's) - Page 4

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Hes already chosen. We could bring up a ton of cans but that would just delay his decision. Unless he wants that?
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I don't mind suggestions, but they have to be under £200 in the UK.

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is this £200 including/excluding other components? (amps/dacs/etc)

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Excluding, only the Headphones. 


The Amp and DAC can come later.

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Have you considered the mdr ma900, Phillips Fidelio l1, or hd598 (I don't have the hd598).
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Used Hd650 or Q701

Hd650 is i feel more of an all rounder.. and very different to grado's.. they are quite dark.. but i always felt had better bass, midrange on them was fantastic and the treble while dark, still conveyed a lot of detail.. my only issue with them is they aren't incredibly fast.

Q701 i feel is excellent for rock, metal and classical.. accurate and clean.. bass is perhaps a little below neutral but still has a fair amount of presence, the sense of air and soundstage i feel is unmatched in this price range by anything i have personally heard. they are also lightning fast. in terms of Midrange i would say accurate. have an amount of treble between the Grado and sennheiser, i actually liked the treble quite a lot on these.

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So today I tried on a pair of Grados (SR80's)

And they sounded amazing, even just on my iPhone which isn't exactly a world leader on sound quality.

Also they were pretty darn comfy on my head.

Only thing I didn't like was the build quality but you can't win them all.

So it looks like I have a pair of SR225i's in my life soon.

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The SR225i will be just as easy to drive. They are a slightly more refined version of the same driver as in the SR80i.
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I just got a pair of 225is, and am burning them in now.

I love the energy!

I think you will like these.

As far as comfort goes, my ears lie flat against my head, so I"ve never had an issue about comfort. Not really.

I once had a pair of Sennheiser 280 Pro's though, and  they were VERY uncomfortable. ARGH!

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