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Hey, Im new here, and Im sure that Im going to ask some horribly moronic questions. This sort of stuff is out of my wheelhouse but I have a project and im a little lost so I need some help from some much more knowledgable gents!

Basically, I want to make a pocket amp circuit for an onboard amp. And I know there are some kits available but I have a little bit of a curveball that makes me wonder what I need to get or what I need to change to make it work. The curveball being that I want to change out the speaker in the pocket amp for a tactile transducer I have.


SO!.. Could I get a kit/parts to make something like this:


BUT.. Change out the speaker for  this:


I feel like the answer would be no due to the output or power supply but I dont really know. If this wouldnt work, what would I need to change to make it work. I like that particular size and output of transducer/exciter but I want a small amp circuit that could run it. Any advice or thoughts are appreciated!