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LMFAO! deadhorse.gif


Now here's to hoping vaping doesn't send me down the endless rabbit hole. etysmile.gif

Well, luckily $100-$200 is pretty much the TOTL for vaping right now.  Unless you get into high end rebuildable atomizers like the Z-atty, but I'm far too lazy for all that stuff.  It sells for nearly $150 on it's own and is rarely in stock from what I understand.

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I like the ring to make the vivi nova blend better with the eGo battery.  I hope you using a 1.8ohm head though for those batteries.  Much better vapor.  Unless that's a twist of course.


Good to hear.  Actually most people let their juices "steep" as they call it.  Basically, leaving the cap off to open air, it's suppose to age it and enhance the flavor.  I'm trying it myself, but hard to say if it makes a difference.  Ironically sounds very similar to the concept of "burn-in"  I guess audiophiles and vapers aren't that different after all biggrin.gif

It's a 2.4ohm head. Still vapes very well. It's actually not an eGo, Smoktech, but just splitting hairs.

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I would rather not inhale propylene glycol, here is my new portable herbal unit:



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Originally Posted by grokit View Post

I would rather not inhale propylene glycol...


Don't ever use an Asthma inhaler then wink.gif

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riiiight you guys will experience a new "high" with hifi headphones and vape-fi cigs"

next thing to do is lucid dreaming IMO



PS I am not against vaping as I support it 

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I have a Silver Surfer Vaporizer and a VapeXhale Cloud.  


The VX Cloud is the best vape I have ever used.  It's all glass pathway, gives you the biggest clouds, but the best part is it's Perpetuheat system that allows each hit to be a constant, specific temperature, no matter how fast or slow, hard or soft you hit it.  Plus they have these amazing water filtration attachments called Hydratubes that make even the biggest rips silky smooth.  But one of my favorite things about it is it's very efficient in the sense that it extracts all the goodies from your material without combustion and without feeling like you're wasting anything once you dump your bowl out.  The people who own the company care a whole bunch about what they do, too.  


Here's a vid of the Cloud:




As far as the Silver Surfer, I just never could get really into it like I did with the Cloud.  The SSV is a manual whip style vape, and your temperatures are controlled via how fast/slow, hard/soft you hit it.  I always had a tendency to accidentally combust with it, plus there's an art form to how you have to hit it.  You actually have to learn how to use the SSV, whereas with the Cloud it's ridiculously easy.  But one great thing about the SSV is how ridiculously reliable it is.  I've known people that have had theirs on for 7 + years straight, 24/7. 



Currently, what I'm most looking forward to is the Herbalizer (isn't out yet).  The thing looks pretty amazing, and two of their designers were former NASA engineers/programmers


And here's a vid the Herbalizer, showing it's automated whip in action.  I think it does bags too, but doesn't show it in this video:


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Originally Posted by Meremoth View Post

As far as the Silver Surfer, I just never could get really into it like I did with the Cloud.  The SSV is a manual whip style vape, and your temperatures are controlled via how fast/slow, hard/soft you hit it.  I always had a tendency to accidentally combust with it, plus there's an art form to how you have to hit it.  You actually have to learn how to use the SSV, whereas with the Cloud it's ridiculously easy.  But one great thing about the SSV is how ridiculously reliable it is.  I've known people that have had theirs on for 7 + years straight, 24/7.


Well there's also a temperature adjustment knob wink_face.gif


If you're combusting with the SSV, you're doing it wrong. Mine absolutely never does and I crank it up pretty high.


That VapeXhale does seem pretty slick/TOTL, I do prefer to use a bubbler when I vape with my SSV. I have read about reliability/warranty issues concerning the VapeXhale that seem pretty discouraging for such an expensive setup, but everybody seems happy with it when it's working correctly.


I am presently putting together a low-rent version of the VapeXhale, complete with an all-glass pathway. If it works I am confident that it will be a unique setup. It's based on the LSV+Pinnacle Hydrotube.


That Herbalizer looks interesting, like (hopefully) a better version of the viVape. For portable I just picked up one of these:



It's pretty slick.


Have you gotten into re-processing your waste?

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Well, the only time I really had a problem with the SSV was when I was trying to get my ABV as dark as my Cloud can get it, and when I would do that, I would combust.  My SSV ABV would be a grainy brown, where my Cloud's ABV is like a dark, dark velvety brown, almost black (no ashes).  


I wouldn't buy any Cloud + right now.  The original unit, the "ticker" units, are awesome, but the Cloud + ones seem to have problems.  They are coming out with a new one though, very soon, that's called Nimbus.  I think they're going to change the name because there's another vape called that, apparently.  But they got screwed over very, very hard, and now have a funding page cause of it, but if you have been following these guys for awhile, you'd understand they definitely deserve any type of help they receive.  Here's where you, or anyone else, could help them out:


They got screwed over by their manufacturer, who purposefully made bad units, and also tried to steal/sell VX's future blueprints to competitors.  



I have bags full of ABV that I have never processed.  The main reason being, last time I tried to make edibles (not with ABV, with fresh herb), it just didn't work.  I used coconut oil (highest fat and medium-chain triglycerides of any oil, I believe), and even decarbonized my material and added lecithin granules to it and didn't feel nada.  I'm a pretty amatuer chef, so maybe I just did something wrong, or didn't let it cook long enough, or something.  



Yeah, the LSV looks pretty sweet, and I kinda wish I got it instead of the SSV.   


I don't have a portable vape, but I really want one.  Was going to get a Solo until I heard about DaVinci's brand new portable vape called The Ascent.  It's the only all-glass pathway portable vape that I know of.


Warning, dubstep ahead:




When I get a portable one, that'll probably be the one I get.

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Yeah I was checking that DaVinci out the other day. Looks pretty sweet in the burlwood IMO.


For a little less $ this one also caught my eye, it's a very simple design:



I was also checking out hat one that looks like an asthma inhaler, it looks pretty stealth but IDK how well it vapes.


I even checked out that Indiegogo page recently, not willing to put out that kind of $ right now but it looks quite worthy.


I'll post my budget plug-in hydrotube setup when it comes in, it should be quite unique cool.gif

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Wish I had a portable vape right now, as my neighbor seems to be shooting off mortars outside.  


But yeah, that flashvape looks pretty good, but fairly big and not very stealth for a portable.  


Can't wait to see your setup.  I'll have to post a pic of my SSV, but I have to warn you, it has a pretty goofy looking color scheme.  I call it the McDonald SSV, because it's base is yellow, and the rest is red, but, meh, whatever, it was $199 brand new. 


I think another reason I didn't ever really get into it is because mine came with the spherical ground glass cover and wand, and I'd think I'd prefer the standard connection, despite never having tried it.  You lack control with the spherical and can't direct the heat.  Perhaps I'll get the standard connection and give my SSV another go.  


I'd also like to try an all glass mod for the SSV, something like this:




While trying to find this pic, I think I saw one of your posts on FC.  If that was you, then you'll probably recognize the dude in the picture.  



Have you heard of the Sublimator?  If you want an interesting read, look that up on FC.  The guy claimed it actually sublimated and the war began.  


Despite not actually sublimating, it is extremely versatile, vaping dabs, budders, oils, and hashes fairly easily without any type of third-party mods.   



This might sound like sacrilege, but I'm about to water-filter some combustion right now.  I find vaping better during the day, and combustion at night, but don't tell the FC guys that though, they might lynch me.  wink.gif

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Mortars... just getting warmed up for the 4th I presume rolleyes.gif


Now that I think about it, when I was using a different SSV with the spherical cover/wand some years ago I did have problems. edit: I've never tried the standard cover/connector but you should definitely give the regular ground glass setup a shot, that's what I am using now and it seems pretty foolproof. Also less cumbersome as you can kind of use it hands free. Not with the hands-free attachment though, everything I have read about that says don't bother.


I have a lot of reading to do to catch up on the SSV thread, and I want to read more about the LSV. I don't really mind having a silicone tube in between the vape glass and my glass bubbler(s) but that photo looks interesting.


Yeah I can't wait to see my setup either :-)  I mainly went for it to save a few bucks over the LSV because I also want to get a magic butter maker for waste processing. I never imagined there was so much potential there!

That Sublimator looks crazy, I hadn't heard of that one -- it looks like I got some more reading to do, thankspopcorn.gif


I just joined FC but yeah that's the legendary Vitolo, I've seen a couple of his videos. The scene has really exploded since I looked into it last so I'm just trying to catch up biggrin.gif

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What ejuices are you guys vaping?


Got some interesting flavors from Namber juice, but have found MtBaker's Extreme Ice to be my 'go to.'


Also anyone have experience with the zattys or genesis style? Just got a Nemesis from a buddy and will be my first rebuild of that type.


Been rebuilding my tanks iclear 30, Protank and so on. For those experience do ya have any advice on steel mesh vs silica wicking,

and even recommendations on alternatives to Kanthal wire?

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My fav so far is strawberry lemonade from itisvapor 


I need to try to minty flavors though.. 

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Originally Posted by JWahl View Post

I've got a new Innokin iTaste SVD unit on the way and about 200ml of new liquid coming too.  I had a Joyetech EVic for a short time until it snapped in half in my pocket.  Getting by right now with a Vivi Nova on an eGo battery.  Here's a pic of the Innokin unit:


Woa... Sure that's not a Lightsabre handle?




Sorry for the diversion... but I couldn't help it... 

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Here's the upcoming '134.'



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