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I owned the Bose AE2 headphones for a few years. They never did me wrong. I don't really think they're that great sound (they don't sound that bad either). Being they were my first expensive headphone, maybe I just accepted their sound for all those years and I didn't know any better. They have a few pluses though.


+Over ear headphone that's lightweight and requires no amp

+replaceable cable

+Somewhat noise and wind isolating



I can't really think of anything else wrong with them besides maybe they cost over 100 dollars. Mine were a gift though. I like my AKG K240 more soundwise and I payed less for the AKGs and use the AKGs more, but the AE2 has more pluses honestly. I still use my AE2 headphones to fall asleep in and run and ride my bike in.

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