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I have a little question. I have a Harman Kardon hd 980 cd player with a wolfson WM8740 dac chip. And i also happen to have an external dac also with the wolfson WM8740 dac chip. I have heard that the sound quality depends on how the dac chip is implemented. So my question is if my cd player would benefit from this external dac? The external dac i bought for about 194 us dollars. The sound from the external dac is more bassy. So even if they have the same dac chip the sound is different.

I have connected the cd player via optical to the external dac. I can hear a difference but I don't really know if it's audibly "better".


Do you think the external dac will improve sound quality depending on how the dac is implemented. My external dac is a Argon dac1 bought som a hifi store in sweden. I have read that they contain high quality components. Maybe that would contribute to the overall soundquality.