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PC multiple outputs - Need advise

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Hi guys,

I want to know what is the best way to setup my system.

I'm using my onboard Realteak ALC898 sound card and I need to output to 2 things:

1) My old but rocking Altec ATP3 pc speakers.

2) My A/V Reveiver that I'm going to drive my headphones from.


So first thing, how should I connect both of this outputs to my pc? I know that 3.5mm is not the best way to go. I thought about maybe making a DIY swithch.

The second thing is I need a decent cable to connect my sound card to the receiver. Is these cables are any good?







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That Mediabridge cable should be fine. Monoprice is a popular cable company around here if you want other choices.

What make/model AVR do you have? Perhaps it has an line level output that could be connected to your speakers.
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Sansui RZ-3700AV, There is not much about it on google. It's also not that new.

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Use the tape monitor rec out jacks to connect your speakers (you'll need that 3.5mm to RCA cable). You can send the audio signal from the receiver to your speakers. Of course your AVR will have to be turned on.
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I think it's a little power inefficient to turn on my receiver + powered speakers to use them.

If so, Is audio switch is my best bet?

If I make one from this sockets will I lose SQ?


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Sorry. I have no idea which cheap switches are good. I use a Niles AXP-1 with my setup.
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