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Review of le Tzar 350

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Where do i begin?


Writing a serious to me is like writing a book. Anyone who actually knows me knows I've never written a book. Still, i was given the chance by the now magnificent John from Heir Audio.

One fine day(night actually), i got bored and started chatting up John bugging him about the current status of my Heir 8.A. Long story short, some how he found out i had an AK100, and offered to let me review the Tzar 350 which he said was designed for the high output impedance of the AK100.

Anyway, forgive any blunders I'm bound to make in this review, its my first time doing this.



The first time i heard this, it was right after i had a pair of 8.A's pulled out of my ears on a VERY cold Canadian spring day. Don't know what i expected it to be, but i plainly felt that i hated it. It was like the polar opposite of the 8.A and all the IEMs i have/had. But, a deal was a deal, i still had to review it. I didn't have burning-in equipment over in Canada as i was there visiting my not so lovely sister, so, as best as i could, i plugged 'em in my laptop when i could. On return to sunny Singapore, i used them ask much as i could(they probably have more head time then my 8.A by now), used them on my way to school, shopping or in the toilet. SO I'm sure these are fully burned in with at least 200 hours.



The Good:

I listen to mostly Pop, alt rock, indie, acoustic and a hint of jazz here and there FYI.

I've come  to like this little things after using them for hours and hours. They work REALLY well with female vocals. People such as Nina Nesbitt, Ellie Golding or hey, even Pink sound fantastic with these. These really immerse you in the music. With the 8.A, music out of the AK100 sounds like well, fun sounding. No part of the music stands out more then the other. WHEN you put these on you, the thing that stands out  is the apparent lack of bass. Hitting you right in the face mere milliseconds later are the vocals and instrumental AKA Mids and Teble(or highs whatever you like). They really really really stand out. It sounds magical, enveloping you in the music. For the first time, i actually wanted to look for certain parts in the music, because the Tzar 350 just make it so easy to do that. Alexander Rybak's Barndance, which is just music, no singing, is, for me, really relaxing, every strum of the banjo can be heard clearly, i get really into THE(read as THEE) music. I actually, walked into a wall listening to this exact piece. Going back to female vocals, these project Celine Dion's voice magnificently. No roll off when she screams(SE535) no nothing. It's addictive AND immersive. Taylor Swift's Treacherous(ODV) sounds as good as on my 8.A. Maybe the song's bass notes don't go as low as other songs, but bass was punchy and it felt like Taylor was singing a privately for me.


I know i can continue talking on and on about how these sound but you wont want that, so lets get to the part i will really love writing.



I know i said i listened to them sparingly, but after listening to Kenny G through these, i was shellshocked. Nothing has ever produced jazz quite as sweet as these do. My Old SE535 made me like jazz, these make me fall in love with them. I always felt my 8.A handled jazz poorly, like something was just missing from the music. Which is surprising since I expected the 8.A to handle everything perfectly. Back on track, the 350 has the sweetest jazz I've ever heard. Kenny G's Wedding Song was just awesome. I could hear him switch between keys on his saxaphone. That "click" click" sound everytime they get pressed.


The Bad:

These sound TERRIBAD with Techno songs. Its hurts my ears everytime i listen to the few songs i have loaded on the AK100. Heck. even song songs with electronic themed chorus hurts my ears. I know i have a pair of very sensitive ears but no amount of words can reproduce the hate i have for techno/electronic on the Tzar 350. Mainly due to me having a full blast of Britney Spear's Radar shoved in my ear.


They also dont work well with anything too treble happy, as there's no bass to balance the music(Not sure if you get what i mean here). <- My opinion. You may like harsh sounding music O.o



I'm not done with this review, ill add some pictures plus a few more notes as i listen to these more. I'm stuck with school and cant get as much headtime as i want.


These are, like what other reviewers say, not a pair of IEM for everyone. They bring out every little detail of the music. Guitar strums, audience coughing, foot tapping, drumsticks hitting different kinds of drums, everythng. If you are the total opposite of a bass head and love the ER4S, these will suit you fine. If you're a bass head, run. Run far far away.

Overall, i loved the way these sound. Not quite the warm sound sig that im used to, but a fun pair of audio equipment to use when you get bored.

Quick note, most people i've lend this to hated this and still do. i guess they just dislike the tonaly flat signature or something



I'll like to apologize to John for taking so long to write this review. I can give a thousand and one excuse on why it took over 1.5 months longer but ill cut to the chase and say its my fought for having bad time management.










Sorry if everything looks kind of mushed together, i dont really know how i should put it. Those are my thoughts on the 350 and im trying to put it into words for you guys to understand. Again, sorry if you hate it

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Traded 4Ai for this. I have to admit I was ready to move it along as soon as I got especially since I sold my AK 100.
But few days ago decided to give it a chance by taking a break from my W4
This is so unlike anything I have had but in short , it is growing on me but might save my MIles Davis Trumpet - still working on right tip -for when more bass is needed
Not entirely use if this is a keeper but it is so different might keep it for that reason alone
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