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I own a pair of Senheiser HD 518s and recently cracked them in half.  I had wanted to upgrade from them, but I'm a little wary of doing so.  The thing i love about the 518s is how warm they are and how full/powerful the lows are.  The only thing I could imagine being better is the clarity of the highs, but I don't know if I could sacrifice the lows.  I also own a pair of HD 280 pros and my complaint on those was how weak the low end was, but I loved how clear the highs were.  My dilemma is that I want the HD 598s (mostly for their looks and comfort) but from what I hear people say they have "weak" bass compared to the 518s.  There is no way I will go back to the sound 280s, that is just too weak for me, and in no way to I like Boomy bass like what beats are known for.  The 518s have nearly perfect bass for what I like and I was wondering if anyone has tried both these models and just how much different are the 598s?  If there was somewhere I could try these out for myself I would, but where I live I can't seem to find anywhere that actually carries them. 



I think it's worth noting that I'm not an audiophile.  I don't own an amp and I listen to my music either streight from my computer (which has an exceptional soundcard) or my iphone. I dont know all the terms to describe headphone sound.

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