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Sony MDR-E888 replacement?

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Howdy folks, my trusty pair of 888's have died on me and I can't find anywhere that sells them? 


Does anybody know where I can buy another pair, or have Sony stopped making them? 


If they aren't available now, what would be a good replacement? 


Thanks guys!

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You mean the earbuds with the bio-celluose drivers? Those are rather rare nowadays, being discontinued (quite a while back) and all. In fact I doubt most of us would have heard or even seen one before so we wouldn't really have a reference as to something that would be considered a replacement.

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Now I really feel old, thanks dude lol!


I mean these here:






I thought it was my lucky day when I saw this thread http://www.head-fi.org/t/469760/fs-sony-mdr-e888lp-new-earphones


But its over 3 years old lol! 

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I listened to a friend's Sony E888 back in 1999, and I loved the sound, but they were too big for me to wear for extended periods of listening. I think that the Sennheiser MX880 is the closest to the Sony E888 in terms of sound. Interestingly, the model numbers are close (888 and 880). The MX880 is not too big for my ears, though, so they may be small for you. I recently got the Sennheiser MX980, which are bigger than the MX880, and I'm still burning it in but it may have more bass than you were getting from the Sony E888. There's also the Sennheiser MX985 to consider, which may be smaller than the MX980; however I've never listened to the MX985. Note that the MX880 needs to be positioned properly (in my ears, at least) in order to get good sound; repositioning the MX980 makes little difference (again, this is in my ears). The Sennheiser MX880, MX980 and MX985 are not sold by authorized Sennheiser retailers in the United States so, if you're an American, you'll have to import them.


Edit: The MX880 and MX980 have disappeared from Sennheiser Germany's site. They were there earlier today. They may have been discontinued.

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Blast from the past! Yeah these were really good those days. I remembered using them with my Walkman back in 1996. Am currently using a pair of Audio Technica ATH-CK100. They're really good!

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I just put a some on ebay

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Get the MX980 or 985.  I have the 980 and it is a best earbuds I've tried ...even better than the Sony MDR-E484 as well as the E888.

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Are the MX980 and MX985 still available? I think they are discontinued as well. no one seems to want to make high quality traditional earbuds except for Yuin. I wonder when Yuin will stop making them as well .

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I found this Sony MDR-225G earbuds from ebay for only $29.95. They are cheap and look cheap but have huge sound stage and great sound quality (Better than E888).

These are earphones from 80s.  Unbelievable that they still available!

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