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looking for a headphone...

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so far the only headphones i ever used was skullcandy and beats...


my cable broke on me several times  with my beats..;( so i'm trying to get a new headphone but kinda having a hardtime..


i'm trying to find something....


1. $350 is max of my budget..


2. wireless... tired of cables breaking on me!!!


3. sound quality.. same or better then beats..


4. design... i'll be wearing them 24/7.. well...other then when i'm sleeping;p so i don't want to look like i have surgically implanted eye of a fly on my



i could really use some advice;(

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First off -

In case you haven't found the sticky - a place to ask questions regarding portable gear and (usually) get better traction/more frequent responses.


On the sound quality part - you'd probably garner more specific responses if you specify any particular sound preferences, preferences in terms of genres, anything you prioritize hearing when listening to said genres. Simply stating that you want "same or better than the beats" is perhaps a bit vague.

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