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It's called TTPOD. While I believed there might be some other alternatives which could be as good as, if not, much better than this one, I ask if anyone happened to have this apps now or before, and switch to another music player or stayed with it, along with the reasons of your very own decision.

I know it differs for every single person, but I wish to know more.

For my own experience, this is the only third party music player I ever tested and installed, aside from Winamp, since it was already well known from the Symbian era. It features 10 bands EQ (31-16k frequency, +12 to -12db), a virtualizer, a bass booster and some reverb (which is awfully made). Some extra bonus features are to download music files directly for free (ranged from 64kbps to FLAC, depends on availability), able to edit the tags, automated lyric downloader, automated album art downloader and something else.

So...I'm not trying to advertise it but, I hope for those who didn't tried it before could give it a try and give some feedbacks here about the differences between your current one and this one. So I could make a better decision.